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Finance & Payment Options

Covering the Cost of Your Rehab in Thailand

At Miracles Asia, we understand the importance of accessible care. While many clients choose self-funding, we offer a range of flexible payment solutions that can be tailored to individual needs. Our dedicated Admissions Team is here to guide you through the available options, ensuring you can focus on recovery without financial worries.

What to expect at Miracles Asia

How Much Does A Thailand Rehab Program Cost?

The cost of a rehab program in Thailand varies based on the facility & the amenities offered. What truly sets Miracles Asia apart is its compassionate team, many of whom are in recovery themselves, bringing a depth of understanding &empathy, ensuring you never face addiction alone.


For individuals who choose to pay rehab themselves, our Admissions Team will provide you with an invoice that can be processed prior to your arrival. Payment for your treatment can be made via direct bank transfer or credit card.

Bank transfers can be completed in your local currency on request. We have accounts in more than 10+ countries, which negates any large transfer fees.

Choosing to cover the cost of your rehab program by credit card will incur a 3.65% fee for VISA and Mastercard. We also accept AMEX credit cards, which incur a 5% fee.
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For our Australian based clients, you have the ability to access your super early for a broad number of things, including mental health and addiction treatment. This can be very beneficial for those who are unable to work due to the nature of your dependency.

Applications for gaining access to your superannuation early are processed via the Australian Taxation Office. You will need to meet their eligibility criteria in order to receive the funds.

Miracles Asia has partnered with multiple Australian services that provides specialized guidance on how to apply to have the cost of your rehab program covered by your superannuation fund. We help you navigate this entire process, from start to finish.

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Payment Plans

For individuals who would like to take advantage of a payment plan for their rehab program in Thailand that allows them to spread the cost of the treatment over a period of time, there are several options that our Admissions team can provide you.

Accessing and paying for the right kind of help that you or your loved one needs to overcome their addiction has historically been a pain point for many individuals from all around the world, and often means help is not provided to the person, or they relapse.

Miracles Asia is proud to be able to offer our potential clients a payment plan that allows them to receive the help they need now, while being able to pay for the program on a weekly basis, fortnightly or monthly basis.

This method of payment is only available to approved applicants. For more information, please speak to our admissions team directly.
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Veteran Affairs

For our American based clients, Miracles Asia has a long-standing partnership with the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, specifically their Foreign Medical Program (FMP), who can assist with covering the cost of our treatment program for yourself, or a loved one.

Several Veterans have benefited from Miracles Asia's partnership with the VFW support network, which facilitates funding for those with service-connected PTSD. This collaboration ensures that U.S. veterans can access and afford the comprehensive care they need in their battle against addiction and trauma.

For more information about this method of paying for your rehab in Thailand, our admissions team is ready to walk you through how the process works, and get you in touch with contacts with whom we have previously worked.
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Private Health Insurance

Since opening in 2017 we have helped several people from various countries have their addiction treatment program covered by their private health care providers.

For individuals who are interested in this avenue of payment, there are many factors that first need to be discussed with your provider to clarify that your insurance policy will cover the cost of a rehab program in Thailand.

We strongly recommend speaking with our team of addiction specialists directly to confirm your individual needs & discuss how information about your current situation can be conveyed to your insurance provider in the best way to ensure approval of your application.
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Simple Admissions process

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