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Heroin Rehab & Detox In Thailand

Addiction is not a choice, but recovery is.
Miracles Asia is the leading drug rehab in Thailand that offers a comprehensive heroin addiction treatment program. We are committed to helping individuals struggling with misuse of this narcotic to ensure they not only recover, but are able to rediscover their purpose in life. 

Table of Contents

Getting Help For Your Heroin Addiction

When you wake up in the heroin grasp, deep down you know that you will do whatever it takes to get that next hit...

Risking jail, a fentanyl overdose to name a few.

Relationships, finances and other responsibilities disappeared a long time ago, you've reached the bottom.

A heroin addiction will pull you down everyday until you are scraping along the floor, until you die. And you know it...

Chances are that you’ve been living in this hell for a long amount of time and you are wondering if there is a way out, aside from jail or death. 

We promise you, there is hope for you to have a life that's free from addiction to heroin.
Key Takeaways
Miracles Asia is a leading drug rehab in Thailand that has been successfully freeing people from heroin and opiate addiction since 2017.
The withdrawal symptoms of heroin use can be scary, but the Miracles team will make the detox process as comfortable as possible.
Miracles Asia has a nurse onsite 24/7 to ensure guests are safe and supported.
You can stop using heroin if you decide to take the step. It only takes a single step... 

The team at Miracles will pull you in and guide you the rest of the way. 

No more running around for hours to get your next bag of heroin...

No more swallowing 10 Vicodin's because your dealer is out of stock...

It’s time to live free of drugs, like when you were a child. 

Your life wasn’t about obstacles to a fix or self destruction. It was about family, friends, and fun. 

It’s time to return to the right path, and start living again.

How The Heroin Rehab Program Works

The hardest part of the whole process is deciding to get help. 

It’s a small window of time that opens up, when someone is ready, so if you’re reading this, please act fast before that window closes. 

This isn’t a hard sell....It’s the truth. 

Once you act and decide to try another way of living, Miracles Asia will guide you the rest of the way. You can use any of the options on this page to start a conversation with one of the team members to find out if you would be a good fit for the residential rehab program. 

They will help you understand how your life will change immediately for the better. 

It can be difficult to grasp how easily and quickly things turn around for you when you're in a good treatment center.
Miracles Asia is a super-charged recovery facility that will not only get you clean and keep you clean, it will help you find happiness and joy in your life.
The treatment for your addiction is number one, but there are other parts of the program, like fitness and meditation and group outings in beautiful Phuket Thailand that combine to give you a full wellness experience. 

Get back to your baseline and start experiencing life like the rest of society - at least the ones who aren’t also living each day for the next hit of heroin. 

The 1,000 ton burden of addiction is no way to live life, and Miracles will help lift that from you.

You Are Not Alone

Many heroin addicts come through Miracles Asia and are now living sober, happy lives.

From addicts who sold everything and barely left their beds, to now playing sports and going back to school, working jobs.

You are not alone in your desire to stop.

You will also be among other opiate addicts, who have been weighed down over the years and sometimes even decades.

Learning to find peace and be happy with who you are takes work, but the Miracles Asia team will show you and guide you how to get there.

Heroin addiction typically doesn’t start immediately with heroin use, meaning there are likely other "gateway drugs" or even behavioral addictions before ever considering to try heroin.

Just like other drugs and substances, before you realized how bad it was, you were had already arrived to your self-made prison.

It’s the norm.

None of us started out thinking we would become addicted to substances, especially ones that destroy our lives, and most people don't fully understand why is heroin so addictive, or how difficult it will be for them to successfully complete a detox.

That doesn't mean all hope is lost. Your recovery will happen over time.

You will always be among peers and staff who understand, even after your 30, 60 or 90 day stay with us.

The founders and staff at Miracles Asia are always open for a call or a chat if you need it, and there's online meetings twice per day that all alumni are able to participate in without any charge or expectations.

Unraveling what makes you the person you are, underneath the drug use, is part of the job of the Miracles team.

We invite you to take a break from the way you’ve been living and experience something new, and likely better.

You will also meet people who have recovered their lives after entering Miracles Asia, and today live fulfilling lives with happiness and laughter. Remember laughter?

There will be lots of it as you share your wild adventures with drugs, and hear others share their rough times. Recovering among others who are also healing is one of the treasures of visiting an inpatient rehab center.

Arriving At Miracles Asia

We will help you manage your visa and flight arrangements, to keep it simple. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to our facility, which is only 20 minutes from the airport.

You will be shown to your private room and encouraged to get acquainted with your surroundings. Oftentimes that means resting from your trip. You might be detoxing or beginning to detox. 

Don’t worry about this part, it is completely normal to enter Miracles still under the influence. We will help you ease into the program. 

After you’re settled, you will meet our staff over the next few days, including our world-class clinical director. You will also slowly meet our other clients as you adapt to your surroundings.

Dealing With Your Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of heroin use can be a scary sight for users who have been avoiding heroin withdrawal for several years. 

The Miracles team will guide you and prescribe any necessary medications that will help you go through it slowly, with the least amount of discomfort.

Your blood pressure will be checked regularly, along with any medication assisted treatment required to help you adjust. 

Generally speaking, the physical dependence will fade within about 1 week but of course everyone is different, which is why we tailor the treatment program to fit you and your background. 

Also, it much easier to detox among peers and professionals than it is alone. 

In fact, many people join us at Miracles because they couldn't detox on their own.

You might also have a dependence on other drugs that you used to substitute or replace your heroin use. These might require a few days of hospital treatment, but a medical professional will help you decide once you speak to us.

You Deserve To Be Free Of Heroin Addiction

You've suffered enough. You can begin treating yourself with love and care, which is exactly how we will treat you. 

It's time to start expecting a better life for yourself. 

By making the decision to change your situation today by asserting that you want better things for you, and those around you.

Remember that drug abuse hurts more than just you, and even if it's only an absence of your presence heroin abuse robs you and your loved ones of a healthy life. 

You deserve a good life, regardless of any mistakes. You are intended for better horizons.

Drug addiction and substance abuse, especially heroin addiction, have give you handcuffs that prevent you from living a good life and helping those around you. 

You have been chained to a dirty radiator with no seeming way free.

We have the solution and will help you live it, during your stay here and after you leave. Not only will you be free of your self-destruction, you will have happiness and peace that you haven't felt for a long time. 

The Heroin Detoxification Process

Don't worry about the heroin detox or physical symptoms of withdrawal. These will pass quickly. What looks like a mountain now is actually a mole hill, a small bump in the road that you will be over soon.

Yes, it may be difficult at times but the team at Miracles Asia will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

In your drug use, you have learned to prepare for the worst in every situation. 

Many times you probably have experienced the very worst, but the road out of heroin addiction is a smoother ride than it now looks. And its even smoother with our help. 

Why take the hard road? 

You have been on the hard road for years or decades already. 

Let us show you the proper way out.

Finding The Right Treatment Program

Heroin dependence is extremely difficult to stop alone. 

In fact, most substance abuse is nearly impossible to stop alone. 

You need a strong network of people around you who understand what it's like, and can show you how to navigate the early stages of sobriety as well as get you through your initial detox correctly.

Miracles Asia will get you sober and keep you sober while you are here, but more importantly, will give you the tools and lifestyle to stay sober after you leave. 

The program is designed to teach you a new way of life, one that's free from drug addiction while also giving you the tools you need to continue that new way of life after you leave the center.

Why The Environment Matters

The place that you get sober, and the team that helps you, is important to your long term success in life. 

For some people spending 4 weeks in Phuket, Thailand can be seen as  a place that's "to good" for getting sober. 

A lot of addicts tend to think they should be punished for all the things they may have done during their years of drug abuse.

The philosophy of Miracles is the opposite. 

We believe in an addiction treatment program that fuses love, patience, and mindfulness. 

During your inpatient experience here, you will live in a luxurious villa surrounded by the beautiful nature of Phuket.

You will visit stunning beaches and trek through some parts of the tropical jungles on Phuket.

The connections you develop with your recovery peers and the Miracles Asia team will help you sustain and healthy lifestyle after you leave. 

Your treatment program will extend into your daily life well after you leave, to help you land softly and adjust to "normal" life.

Become The Next Miracles Asia Success Story

At Miracles Asia, you will receive 24-hour attention in order to address any concerns or any of your issues. 

Your length of treatment will depend on your specific needs. but generally speaking most guests needing help heroin treatment typically stay with us for 30 to 60 days.

Like other addictions, traveling can be a big help in early recovery as you leave your current environment, which is where you have grown your heroin addiction. 

Miracles Asia will give you the necessary change of scenery to kick the habit and return as a person who's equipped to handle the various patterns that led you to drug abuse.

Once you have finished your treatment for heroin addiction, our licensed therapists will help you continue to grow for a further 60 days, so you're always supported and know you are not alone.

Our admissions team is available anytime day or night for a chat or call. You can also email us using the option on this page to start your recovery from heroin.

Start Your Recovery in Phuket, Thailand

Ready to Experience the Miracles Asia Difference?

Our team of addiction experts will make getting the help you need as seamless as possible. Call us today, or enter your details below to begin your path to a long-lasting and successful recovery.

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