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Starting treatment for an addiction is a courageous step towards healing and a better life. At Miracles Asia, we combine expert care with the idyllic setting of Phuket, Thailand, to give our guests the ultimate rehab experience.

addiction treatment in Phuket, Thailand

An Unparalleled Recovery Experience
Miracles Asia is a unique residential rehabilitation clinic in Phuket designed to ensure you have all the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate safely through what probably feels like the most challenging experience of your life.

To be as effective as possible, your surroundings must be low-stress and free from any triggers that may cause your addiction cycle to continue.

At Miracles Asia, you can get healthy in a safe, judgment-free coed environment that enables you to rest and focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of your addiction.


Five-Star Serenity
You will enjoy the space and comfort of your private 45-square-meter room, fully equipped with all the features you can expect in a 5-star luxury hotel. 

Some highlights of your room include:
A king-size bed with high-quality linens.
Ensuite bathroom with extra-large shower.
Climate-controlled air conditioning.
Office desk and chair.
A large flat-screen TV with streaming services.
High-speed WiFi up to 200 Mbps.
Depending on room availability, you can speak with the admissions team about your preference before arrival. It is common for guests to change rooms depending on the length of stay and wanting to be closer to individuals they connect with.


relax, recover & recharge in style
This area boasts a large-screen TV with several styles of comfortable lounge chairs where you can relax and feel at ease throughout the various activities in the facility.

The lounge is one of the most highly used spaces throughout the day.

Starting from 8 am, you will be joined by other guests for a morning group meeting, followed by a grounding session. Throughout the day, this area is used for other therapeutic activities like group classes or just hanging out and talking casually with other guests and staff members.

In the evenings, you will hear firsthand from a range of international speakers who connect via Zoom to share their experiences with addiction and recovery.

Simple admissions process

Effective help is within reach

Schedule your FREE and 100% confidential assessment with our Admissions Team to secure your place at Miracles Asia.

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Casual Dining with a Touch of Elegance
Nutrition and diet are vital parts of your recovery process & most addicts love to eat, so this often becomes a favorite area for guests to catch up throughout the day.

The large timber dining table has more than enough space to ensure all guests can relax and comfortably enjoy all their meals while taking in the fresh tropical air and lovely temperatures that Phuket provides.

Pool Access rooms

Each of the four corner sections of the complex has a swimming pool, complete with a spacious sundeck area and comfortable outdoor seating where you can relax between your daily activities.

It is common for guests to visit the common areas to spend time or swim together while chatting over various things they have learned or discovered during the day.

If you are an avid swimmer and would like to do laps, you can enjoy the full-size Olympic pool at Thanyapura Sports and Wellness Center at least twice per week for 3 hours during your stay with us.


Healing Haven & knowledge hub
Depending on the class type and size of the group, you may do some sessions in this therapy room, which also doubles as the library area.

You can expect to have classes like relapse prevention in this area, and at times you may like to sit and read quietly outside of your own room or pool area. In addition, many guests enjoy the extensive list of addiction, wellness, and general lifestyle books available from the Miracles Asia library area.

You can learn more about the different group and individual therapy sessions available during your stay from the residential rehab program page.

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get to the root cause of your addiction

More than 85% of our long-term guests remain in full & active recovery

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on-site Medical care

NURSE Available 24/7
For your safety, a registered nurse is always onsite. You can visit their office at any time during the day or night should you need medical assistance or if you begin to experience any symptoms you are concerned about during the treatment program's detox and recovery stages.

During the day, you can connect with our full-time, in-house registered nurse with years of experience in various international hospitals around the island, working inside intensive care wards and providing treatment to high-needs patients.


Masterful Meals by Our 5-Star Chef
Your meals and nutrition needs are prepared by a team of culinary professionals led by an executive chef with a background in managing several high-end resorts on the island.

The kitchen has full stainless-steel benches and preparation areas, commercial-size gas stoves and cookers, and a large pizza oven.

You can make special requests for a favorite dish to be cooked and look forward to regular events like Friday evenings, where most guests enjoy a delicious burger.

Our Menu

Treat your tastebuds
As a guest at Miracles Asia, you can embark on an unforgettable culinary experience. We've prepared a small appetizer of photos from our menu that will get your mouth watering.

If you have any special dietary needs, please ensure that you mention these to our Admissions Team prior to your arrival.

Start Your Recovery in Phuket, Thailand

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