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Opioid Rehab Program In Thailand

Don't let the fear of withdrawal hold you back from a drug free life
Miracles Asia offers a solution for anyone struggling with opioid addiction. Guests receive personalized treatment programs & the tools to stay substance-free, all delivered in a tranquil, relaxing environment.
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Getting Help For Your Opioid Addiction

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When you’re stuck in the cycle of opioid use, you believe that the next pill or dose is needed to get you to baseline.

That's because in our addictions, we begin to identify so strongly with the drug and its necessity.

Opioid withdrawal symptoms have trained you and every other drug user to keep taking the drug, which is completely normal for any kind of addiction.
Key Takeaways
Miracles Asia offers personalized treatment programs, and a variety of tools to help opioid users stay free of substances.
Guests are able to stay for 30, 60 or 90 days of treatment with full details, including pricing, available in the Info Kit.
Many successful professionals and celebrities have turned to Miracles Asia for addiction treatment since 2017.
Compared to heroin or meth, the decline of your cognitive function is typically slower, but often just as devastating over time. 

It can be hard to recognize when you’re in the cycle yourself, but if you’re reading this then you have some idea of what impact the misuse of drugs is having on your life...

Your decision making abilities are probably already on a downward trajectory, no matter how slow or subtle it may appear to the outside world. 

You know what it’s doing to your mind and body...

Stopping on your own is not an option for those of us in the cycle of addiction. 

You need a team to support you, ideally a group of professionals who have gotten hundreds of people free from their drug use.

If you're unsure about choosing a rehab program to help get you clean, ask yourself a few quick questions:
Even if you get sober for a few days or a few weeks on your own, will you be able to stay sober?
Do you have your short and long-term goals set on how to manage triggers and replases?
Do you want to trudge and struggle through sobriety?
Do you want the keys to a smoother, happier road in recovery?
If any of these place some doubt in your ability to get clean on your own, take a minute to connect with our admissions team. 

Breaking Free and Staying in Recovery

When you start a drug rehab program at Miracles Asia, you will have the full attention from an entire team of people with a personalized, and structured plan to help you get free of opioids and live a life free from addiction.

They will help you manage withdrawal symptoms and any chronic pain associated with the opioid use. 

The Miracles Asia Clinical Team will also engrain in you how to live in peace during your recovery, and deal with your own cravings, situations and other environmental factors that might be waiting for you on discharge.

While we are in active drug use, we often think that getting sober is a punishment. 

That we are sacrificing something we love, or that we need it for pain relief or we simply choose to ignore the warning signs that something is wrong...

When in reality, what really happens is that you replace the drug with better experiences and  life of fulfillment.

Have you ever been jealous of the “normal” people who go about their daily lives in a seemingly peaceful existence?

You might watch these folks going for walks, attending events, exercising, or eating out at restaurants with ease. 

For us in active addiction, doing normal things seems like an uphill task. 

We have to struggle and fight to do things that should be natural and comfortable. 

Our drug abuse has taken us to a place where that lifestyle is impossible until we stop the substance abuse, and sure enough those normal daily activities come back.

After the withdrawal symptoms subside, the clinical staff at Miracles Asia will guide you back into normal life and show you how to live with peace of mind. 
We will help you break free, and stay free, of your substance use disorder.
The trickiest part is staying abstinent from drugs. If we can do that, our lives start to clear up and things become okay again. 

Despite popular cultural themes of toughness and strength, freedom from opioid addiction requires more than 1 person can do by themselves...

Drug addiction is a clever scam that convinces us we need it, when you don’t. 

If drug addiction was as harmless as drinking too much water, or exercising too much, changing your habits and patterns would be easy.

The problem is, opioid addiction is destructive to you and the people around you. 

It’s also deadly, so time isn’t a luxury for you when it comes to getting clean.

Taking Your First Step Towards A Better Life

You deserve to move your life in a good direction and the people around you deserve it as well.

It is easy to beat yourself up when you are in the cycle of drug abuse and you have probably mentally lashed yourself for years or decades over it.

Opioid abuse also narrows our thinking and situations become black and white, when in reality they are colorful. You’re a good person with a lot to offer.

Beating yourself up isn’t going to help...

What you learn at Miracles Asia is self-love, patience, and healing through and addiction treatment program and behavioral therapy.

This is the environment that will allow you to initially get sober & start feeling "normal" again.

Separating yourself from the place where you are using opioids is a good first step.

It is easier to stop using when you leave that environment, and knowing you are going to sunny Phuket Thailand, with warm weather, beaches and mountains makes it an easy decision.

Managing the symptoms of withdrawal, like chronic pain, is necessary to staying free of opioid use. The Miracles Asia clinical team will help you ease through the opioid withdrawal symptoms and guide you into a treatment plan that's personalized to you and the lifestyle you want.

By making the decision to come get help, you’re acknowledging that maybe, just maybe, you also deserve a good life.

Why should everyone else have a good life, and not you? Are you that terrible of a person? We doubt it.

Your recovery from opioids will start in a tranquil environment where you will receive 5 star hospitality and addiction treatment from a world class team of professionals.

Thailand's Leading Opioid Rehab Centre

group of people at an opioid addiction treatment program in Thailand
Miracles Asia has many Alumni opioid users who were trapped in the misery of drug addiction. They are now living wonderful lives filled with travel, business success, and peace of mind. 

They manage any severe pain or mental disorders with patience and the negative consequences of their substance abuse have started to recede. 

They no longer have a piano hanging over their head.

At Miracles Asia, you will connect with other opioid users and addicts from across the globe. All of them are tired of the daily drug abuse....

All of them are looking forward to a life free of substances, just like you.

You will also meet former Miracles Asia clients during group meetings who took the same path you are considering, who will help you and attest to their newfound joys in life free of addiction. 

These groups will also help you, if you're comfortable talking to them, move through the opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

Right now, those symptoms can seem dreadful and a reason to delay seeking help, but they pass more quickly and less painfully than you realize.

The Miracles Asia staff will hold your hand through the detox and make sure that you are comfortable as the drugs leave your body. 

If you happen to experience any major withdrawal symptoms, the clinical team staff will make sure you are treated medically if necessary. 

The programs at Miracles Asia are designed to make you grow stronger. You won't be rushed through the detox or any aspect of the treatment. 

We believe that care and patience forms the foundations of addiction treatment which is why our programs are adapted and personalized to each guest as much as possible.

During your 30 days with us in Thailand you will learn to live life in a relaxed setting. 

Getting out for hikes in the rainforest, going for massages, eating wonderfully cooked food at every meal, beach visits, and exercise all become parts of your new life.

Most importantly, you will learn how to live free of drug abuse by being taught the tools to stop using and how to stay in recovery.

This includes things like:
Individual therapy.
Group meetings
Business owners, CEO’s, doctors, bankers, artists, and celebrities all join together at our treatment center for the same reason - to be free, finally, from the purgatory of substance abuse.

Isn't it time you made the change you know is needed? 

Take 5 minutes, and use one of the options on this page to speak with our admissions team about how Miracles Asia can help you live a life that's free from addiction.

Start Your Recovery in Phuket, Thailand

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Our team of addiction experts will make getting the help you need as seamless as possible. Call us today, or enter your details below to begin your path to a long-lasting and successful recovery.

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