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Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

Miracles Asia offers a residential rehab program that includes personalized treatment plans, individual counseling, and ongoing support for people wanting help with their drinking habits.
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Help For Your Alcohol Addiction

If you feel like your drinking is getting out of hand, and you want help with your detox and rehabilitation at an experienced residential rehab facility, with a proven track record, you are in the right place.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to stop using abruptly, so it is important that your detox be carried out in a safe environment, using medicine, if necessary, to help manage your withdrawal symptoms, which can be life threatening in certain circumstances.

Taking the first step by looking for help is very often the hardest; so congratulations!

Now for the good news…

Your troubles with alcohol addiction is completely treatable!

During our 30-day inpatient program for alcohol at Miracles Asia, you will get all the tools and support you need to live a healthy, and happy in a lifelong recovery.

Click the any of the options on this page if you’re ready to cut to the chase, and speak directly to an addiction specialist about the admissions process. 

You may also want to continue reading, so that you know what to expect during the early stages of your recovery.
Key Takeaways
Alcohol addiction is treatable, and seeking help is the first step towards a healthier and happier life.
Detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous, and it is important to do so in a safe environment with proper medical supervision.
Miracles Asia is a licensed and certified addiction program that offers personalized treatment plans for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction.

Say Goodbye To Your Addiction

Are you tired of waking up with anxiety and a hangover, only to drink again later that night and repeat the withdrawal process?

Are you tired of that sinking feeling that you owe people apologies for things you did and said?

How about going to the gym every day to improve your body, only to look in the mirror, and find out that alcohol addiction is clearly taking a toll on your physical health?

Not to mention other patterns that your family and friends are probably growing tired of dealing with. 

Like the one where you tell the same old story about how you’re going to cut back on your drinking.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already realized the most important thing…

The whole process is getting old…

No one finds your alcohol addiction cute or funny they might have when you were younger.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve just finished one of those fake “recovery” periods that always ends with a massive binge drinking session that only that wreaks destruction on your career, relationships, finances, and most importantly, your self esteem.

The vicious cycle of alcohol abuse takes a toll on your mind, body, and quietly soils your reputation within in your community. 

Maybe you’ve demonized one form of alcohol, while switching to another kind of alcohol telling yourself that you’ve taken a step in the right direction, when you haven’t even changed substances.

Thailand's Leading Alcohol Treatment Center

Your mental health, physical health, and self-image have hit bottom hard enough that maybe you’re finally fed up with solutions that don’t work, and are ready for real rehabilitation services.

When you make the decision to join a rehab program and take that huge step to ask for a helping hand, you are already on your way to improving your health, and maybe even saving your life.

Say farewell to the sadness that alcoholism always leaves in it’s wake. True happiness starts now, with one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life. 

Every alcoholism story is sad tale in the making. Shift gears now and start moving in the right direction. 

Don’t burden your loved ones by making them tell you about your problem again.

Don’t burden your friends, who would rather shy away from you than make ultimatums like telling you to get help. 

Now is your chance to take a step on your own, and enter a world-class detox program. Not because someone else told you to do it, but because you chose it for yourself.

Your rehab program at Miracles Asia will include all the medications and treatment you need to face your addiction head on, ease your transition into sobriety, and safely get through the physical effects of any alcohol withdrawal symptoms you many experience.

Now you can focus on your long term recovery plan where you will get completely personalized treatment plans from a team of medical professionals that are fully dedicated to getting your overall health back on track. 

Finally, all of your humiliating stories can go in the vault, and become a thing of the past!

Do You Need More Reasons To Give Up Alcohol?

Several members of the Miracles Asia team, including both of the founders, fought battles with alcohol addiction for years – even decades – before being able to find the solution in treatment and recovery. 

The personal experiences with addiction, as well as a passion for helping people is what makes our residential rehab program so successful.

There's a level of connection you get with private alcohol counselling sessions from people who have experienced first hand the same alcohol use disorder that you are dealing with right now.

You’ll meet other past and present recovering alcoholics who have been through the Miracles Asia treatment program just like you. 

They know how it feels to be stuck day after day, in the purgatory of alcohol and other drugs. 

At Miracles Asia, the team and our guests enjoy living free of the demons that alcohol and drug use summoned during our past.
We’ve discovered that true happiness and freedom occurs not with your next drink, but when you’re free from alcohol addiction and can make choices with a clear mind, and healthy body.
During your rehab program, your therapist will tackle your alcohol abuse at it’s root cause by working on things like underlying mental health issues. 

Maybe you've developed some eating disorders through your excessive drinking? 

Some guests arrive with severe social anxiety after they've slowed down, which overflows into things like self esteem and confidence problems that come from years of alcohol addiction.

Whether those issues exist because of alcohol addiction, or alcohol addiction exists because of those issues, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation services will help either way. 

If you can step up and stomach your current feelings that we know comes with going to rehab, you’re already on the road to recovery.

Guests are surprised to find that the first thing they notice is that this process is not scary; but rather, refreshing and freeing. 

Individuals who leave Miracles Asia are always grateful for the experience, and ecstatic to go out and crush their goals with a fresh outlook on life. 

The biggest and most challenging decision, is deciding to take the step to get here. 

The Miracles Asia detox and treatment program is easy from there on out, every step of the way.

Once you arrive, our Clinical Team will take it from there. 

Licensed & Certified Addiction Program

Miracles Asia specializes in alcohol addiction treatment as well as other substances, along with treatments for dual diagnosis and mental health issues.

With clients from all over Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia looking to start treatment, ease their withdrawal symptoms and begin their addiction recovery, you are definitely not alone in wanting to learn how to stop drinking!

Not everyone realizes that some addiction treatment centers in Thailand might not be able to help you stop drinking safely, or teach you how to stay sober and happy during our programs.

What’s more, not all centers put an emphasis on your well-being after our rehabilitation services.

Unlike most of our competitors, our unmatched addiction treatment programs at Miracles Asia are fully certified by the Ministry of Public Health, making us among a very small list of alcohol rehab services that will give you an education on how to stop drinking forever.

Think about this:
You can either surround yourself with a community of alcoholics who support each other’s obnoxious drinking habits, or we can welcome you to our community of sober individuals who support each other’s health and prosperity.
The thing is, you will need to choose one group, or the other. 

There is no in between! 

Remember that every day that you don’t decide, you are choosing the wrong group.

Being Socially Accepted Doesn't Make Your Drinking Problem Normal.

It’s in all the movies, and normal people seem to drink on special occasions, while somehow having no issue at all. But that isn’t you. 

There was a time when you felt like James Bond ordering a martini at the bar, with a suave grin on your face. To everyone else, you look like a severe alcoholic who needs help.

Family members that still want to see you are having a harder and harder time with you at get togethers. 

Those who don’t really want to watch are gritting their teeth every time you order another drink. 

Admit it, drinking has taken over and stunted your growth as a person, as well as hurting so many areas of your life.

Let us shine a bright light on these issues through our amazing programs, so that we can focus on a solution. 

It often takes time and healing and support to process the damage. That’s okay, it’s what we are here for – to help you pace slowly and carefully through it in a protected environment.

The idea of facing everything at once is a myth. We will help you walk through it with care, and the best professionals who have treated hundreds of alcohol users now living happy lives.

Your First Steps To Getting Better

Your life was already a movie; a sad one. At long last, the movie of your life can finally be one you’ll want to watch. One with a happy ending, and not one that ends with pain and sadness.

In light of your decision to get better, the support around you will flood in, as you see the excitement from your friends and family members who are excited to finally be able to enjoy your company again, as you strive for better outcomes.

If stopping on your own long-term had worked for you in the past, you wouldn’t be reading this. Isn’t it time for a fresh approach? 

This is the one answer that you know will work.

Don’t feel alone! 

It’s nearly impossible for anyone with long-term drinking issues to stop without rehabilitation services, or programs like ours. That is why we are here! 

You’ve already made the biggest step of searching for help by reading this far down the page. Let us help you today. Alcohol has already brought you enough negativity. It’s time for things to get positive. No more false promises to yourself.

Stop putting it off...

Take action today and speak to someone who's been in your situation and can help you break free from the pain of the ongoing addiction cycles. 

The Miracles Asia admissions team are ready to help you in any and all ways you need to live a healthy and happy life again.

Start Your Recovery in Phuket, Thailand

Ready to Experience the Miracles Asia Difference?

Our team of addiction experts will make getting the help you need as seamless as possible. Call us today, or enter your details below to begin your path to a long-lasting and successful recovery.

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