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Program Contents

Your 10 Point Inpatient Treatment Program

You may not have realized it yet, but by starting the process of looking for help with your addiction, you have already made the very important first step on your journey towards a successful and long-term recovery and freedom.

That first step is a massive achievement, and you should congratulate yourself. Your next step will be to find a program that connects with your own individual situation, your current medical needs and of course your long-term lifestyle goals.

This step is one that does require a certain level of attention to detail…

The goal of Miracles Asia’s residential addiction treatment program is to get you healthy and to equip you with the knowledge, tools and a support network that will allow you to be aware of and manage your addiction for a lifetime after leaving the rehabilitation center.

We want to make sure that this is the last time you never need inpatient level care again! Now, that doesn’t mean you will be cured upon checking out, but you will be shown a way life that includes happiness ,and one that enables you live free from addiction.

Your therapy sessions will be tailored to your own circumstances and individual needs, so you are able to apply everything you learn in day-to-day activities when you return home.

Below you can find more information about each of the 10 points included in the program, and you can also click to learn more about each of these individual sections to get a deeper insight into what you can expect during your stay with us in Thailand.
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Medicated And Medical Detox Service

Depending on your own situation, substance of choice and reactions to initial withdrawal systems you may be able to complete your detox on site at Miracles Asia with our trained and certified medial team.

For cases of severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, the support team will accompany you to our nearby partner hospital as a precaution against alcohol sesurce

If you do happen to need a higher level of care during this stage of your treatment, the team will accompany you to one of the private hospitals nearby to ensure that any symptoms or any other health concerns are correctly identified and get resolved in timely and completely safe manner.
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Consultation with a Psychiatrist

For your recovery, it is essential that you are prescribed the right medications and associated dosages that will support you in your recovery and not hinder it. 

During your stay at Miracles Asia, you will have access to one-to-one sessions with a qualified psychiatrist who specializes in addiction treatment. Any consultation session with the psychiatrist is an additional cost to the program package. 

Generally speaking, most clients don't need more than 1 or 2 sessions before they begin feeling the improvements from any medication adjustments.
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Psychoeducation Classes

Each weekday you will be able to participate in a 1 hour focused group where you learn everything from the nature of addiction through to learning various techniques and practices that you can use for identifying and managing your thought patterns, behaviors, and triggers.

In these classes you will also get to meet former guests of Miracles Asia who connect to the class via Zoom as part of their Aftercare program, just like you will when you return home.

You will find that being able to connect with people who have been in your shoes and know exactly what you are feeling and thinking makes these classes not only educational, but transformational.
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Individual Psychotherapy Counseling

Twice a week you will have 2 x 1-hour sessions scheduled with your individual psychologist where you can start to unpack what is, or what has been going on in your life that led to your addiction troubles.

Depending on your own circumstances, these confidential 1 on 1 sessions could potentially be the 1st time you’ve been able to speak openly and be truly listened too.

As you explore your feelings and experiences with substance abuse and life events in general you may identify certain changes to your general behavior or thought patterns as your treatment progresses – all of which can all be discussed in complete privacy.
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Group Recovery Meetings

On a daily basis you will be able to participate in morning and evening group recovery sessions with other residential guests and aftercare clients.

The morning group recovery sessions are held after breakfast and will give you the opportunity to start the day by discussing how you are feeling in general, as well as hearing how others are doing in their own recovery. These groups include meditation and a morning routine that is designed to aid your treatment and build a structure that is easily transferable after you have left the clinic.

The format of evening meetings is delivered in a unique way that is 100% exclusive to Miracles Asia residential and aftercare clients. During these sessions you will hear from an extensive range of International Recovery Speakers who join as guests via Zoom to share their personal, and often very eye-opening experiences with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Also, once per week you will be able to join a local recovery meeting that is held on one of Phuket’s most famous beaches, giving you even more exposure to like-minded people who have been or are going through similar troubles with addiction.
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Full Medical Health Check At Private Hospital

During your first week, or when you are able, you will take a short drive with one of the Miracles Asia staff and other guests to visit a nearby international private hospital for a complete health & wellness checkup.

This part of the program is another unique point to Miracles Asia, and it enables you to get access to a huge range of services including a full blood analysis, MRI scans, EEG, eye checks, and even nutrition counselling from one of the most well-known medical facilities in Asia.
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Sport & Wellness Resort Membership

On top of the daily exercises and activities at the Miracles Asia facility, you will have unrestricted access to a nearby sports and health center called Thanyapura Phuket for 2 hours, 3 times per week.

This 23-hectare sporting complex is known worldwide for its award-winning services that focus on health, sports, and lifestyle enhancement. It boasts a full Olympic size swimming pool, full gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment as well as saunas and relaxation areas, so you won’t be short of things to do during your visits here.

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Private 5 Star Chef & Personalized Meals

Your visit to Thailand would not be complete with being able to sample all the amazing flavors the country is known for all around the world.

The Miracles Asia inhouse private chief and culinarian team have a full menu of Thai and western dishes that can be individual customized in a way to help facilitate your recovery process by ensuring that your heart, brain, muscles, and body tissue has the correct level nutrients needed to function properly and get you feeling better as each day passes.
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Shared Care Treatment Opportunities

If you have any previous or ongoing treatment in place prior to arrival and you’d like to keep those providers involved as you progress through the residential program, you are able to invite as many as needed to connect with the Miracles Asia team.

With your consent, the clinical team and administration staff will help you setup channels of communication in a way that information recorded during your stay is available to any of your existing doctors or therapists.
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Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

You will have regular individual sessions with your recovery coach to structure and develop a precise relapse prevention plan that is custom designed in a way that will help you identify risks and potential triggers, so you can manage them quickly to remain clean and sober when you return home.

This is an integral part of the Miracles Asia addiction treatment program that ensures everything you learn during your stay is specifically crafted for, and can be applied to your own personal situation and circumstances in day-to-day life for years to come, which is where Aftercare comes in.

Aftercare includes 1 individual session with your recovery coach per week for 2 months when your residential program has completed, as well staying connected with the Miracles Asia team and alumni via the morning and evening meetings for as long as you need. 
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Excursions & Sightseeing

Your residential addiction treatment program is not all about recovery groups and individual education. You will have plenty of time for play and enjoying the magical culture that that Phuket offers its visitors.

Every Sunday you can look forward to a day of rest and relaxation as you and other guests go exploring different areas of island life, including boat trips, jungle walks, and visits to local tourist attractions like Big Buddha and Phuket Town.
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Your Weekly Schedule

By now you can see that your days will be filled with educational information, guidance from medical professionals at the top of their field, access to an amazing network of people in recovery, and much more.

If you are wondering how it will be possible for you to fit all this into a regular week, you can click the link below to see a sample of the Miracles Asia program schedule.
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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Depending on your history and individual situation, you may connect with everything provided during the standard 30-day treatment program and have the confidence in your ability to manage everything outlined in your relapse prevention plan.

You may also find that during the first 2-3 weeks you are just starting to ‘wake up’ and find yourself and feeling anxious or concerned about leaving and wanting to extend your stay. Both are completely normal patterns.

Regardless of how much time you need, your treatment program always has you at its center & you can always speak openly with the administration team about any payment questions you may have. You can click the link below to chat with our admissions team and get a copy of our product information guide, which includes details on costs of the various treatment options that are available.
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Personalized Care For All Types Of Addiction

Your decision to attend a residential addiction treatment program could be one of the most life changing experiences you will ever go through…

Making sure that your individual needs and goals are going to be met in every way during your stay is very important.

Miracles Asia is a fully licensed and certified luxury rehabilitation facility staffed by experienced clinical and hospitality professionals with backgrounds in providing the very best level of service.

No matter what type of addiction you are struggling with the Miracles Asia inpatient treatment program is flexible and designed in a way that ensures you and your goals are always at its center.

Starting Your Recovery

As you can see from everything listed above, your extensive addiction treatment program will rival what you can expect to find at international facilities.

The founding partners at Miracles Asia have 1 main goal…

That is to make sure you have the highest chance of beating your troubles with substance abuse quickly and safely, while also having access to all the help and support you need to live a life that’s free from addiction, and one where you are the best version of yourself.

If you are looking for the highest level of individualize care and if you want to make this the last residential rehab program that you ever need to visit, you can get in touch with our admissions team via email, phone or chat anytime day or night.
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