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If you or a loved one are looking for a rehab center in Thailand, Miracles Asia, tucked away in a secluded location on the beautiful island of Phuket, may be just what you need.

Miracles is nestled in a luxury resort setting, complete with swimming pool and beautifully appointed private rooms. This very special rehab treatment center caters for clients who want privacy in an intimate setting, with personalised attention.

Miracles is small and has a family feel about it. You’ll receive special care from the staff who are all in recovery themselves.

If you’re thinking of rehab in Thailand, Miracles has everything you are looking for. The calm, relaxed environment at Miracles is the perfect place to start your recovery journey and get your life back on track.

Qualifications & Global Partners


Miracles Asia is one of only a few rehab centers operating in Thailand who are officially Licensed and Certified by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health

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Try our 30-Day Luxury Rehab Program in Phuket, Thailand

Your 30-day luxury residential rehab in Thailand includes an additional FREE 60-days of our live and interactive online outpatient program, giving you a full 90-days of personalized rehab for the cost of 30.

Research shows that the longer a person is engaged with a treatment program, the better the outcome which is why Miracles Asia only offers programs that gives you the very best tool for quitting alcohol or drugs and staying stopped.

Our beautiful and caring rehab is in a secluded, private setting where you can stay in comfort and join an intimate community of like-minded people.

People from all over the world travel to Thailand to get sober – and we can help you too. If your alcohol or drug use has been stopping you from living your life in a harmonious way, then consider joining us at our highly effective, small and friendly, addiction rehab center where we will take good care of you.

Mark, the rehab facility general manager

Recovery Delivered by People Who Have Been There

Our founders, management team, and clinical supervisors have all been where you or your loved one is now, so they are personally invested and motivated to offer the most effective, comprehensive, and empathic services in the field.

We understand that your best chance at recovery is with people who have been where you are now, who have changed their own lives, and now live free from alcohol and other drugs.

You deserve recovery and you deserve to have the best chance by choosing a safe, private rehab in which to start that recovery. Our years of dedicated experience in both rehab and luxury hospitality, make us one of the top destinations for treatment in Thailand.

At Miracles Asia we’ve had success where other rehab treatment centers have failed. People come from all over the world to us such as from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, United States and many European countries, often after having tried treatment in many other residential treatment centers.

We pride ourselves on taking an individual, personal approach with each of our clients who usually go on to live whole and happy lives long finishing treatment.

Addictions We Treat

Adderal addiction

If Adderall has become a problem in your life, you’re in the right place. Miracles Asia rehab is a great choice as a place where we understand your struggle and know how to help with your Adderall addiction.


Alcohol addiction
Alcohol is the most common drug of abuse. Recovery is most definitely possible, and at Miracles Asia we will give you the ‘tools’ to live a good life, alcohol-free. LEARN MORE ABOUT ALCOHOL ADDICTION
Benzos Addiction

Benzos, oxyies and other painkillers are often over-prescribed by doctors who don’t understand the disease of addiction. At Miracles Asia we do. We can help.


Cocaine addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug, so if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, come to Miracles where we’ll help you quit cocaine for good.


Marijuana addiction

Weed, skank, dope – call it what you like. Cannabis gets in the way of living life on life’s terms, right? If it’s time to quit this drug, come to Miracles Asia and learn how.


Opioids addiction

The opioid epidemic is having tragic consequences and the effect is being felt all over the world. People with opioid addiction need the specialized treatment we offer at Miracles Asia.


Meth addiction

Methamphetamine ruling your life? It’s easy to stop, but not so easy to stay stopped, right? We know how to help you quit and stay clean.


Heroin addiction

Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug and almost impossible to stop using on your own. At Miracles Asia you will get time out from all your problems and the stresses of life so you’ll be able to focus on getting well.


Sex addiction

If your sex life is out of control and you want to stop acting out sexually, Miracles Asia can definitely help. We have therapists trained for this. There’s no shame in asking for help.


Gambling addiction

The house always wins – we know that deep down but stopping gambling is hard. We will deal you a hand that will help, not hinder.


Video, internet, gaming or cyber addiction

Do you “need” to play video games, surf the Internet or be online at all times to be happy and you feel miserable when you are not? Then you may have cyber addiction and we can help you unplug.


Love and relationship addiction

It is possible to avoid the behaviours and patterns that cause you and others harm in painful relationships. At Miracles Asia, we will help you work out the difference between healthy and unhealthy love and relationships.


Thailand, The Land of Smiles

In addition to our strong clinical team and therapeutic areas, we feature unparalleled experience in the field of hospitality. We believe strongly in the motto, ‘when you’re here, we’re here,’ and vow to provide world-class luxury hospitality to complement our comprehensive treatment program.

This includes a world-class evidence-based approach, taking in cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, one-to-one counselling, motivational interviewing, yoga and exercise classes, as well as sight-seeing trips to local places of interest.

Miracles Asia is fully certified by the Thai government and have a 98 percent completion rate!

Our staff provide the highest standards of clinical care and psychoeducation, as well as evidence-based mental health support, treatment and recovery strategies that ensure you receive the best opportunity for recovery, tailored to your own specific requirements and designed to achieve your long-term health and happiness.

At Miracles we purposely keep group sizes small, with a maximum of 16 rooms available at any one time which ensures you to receive the maximum amount of personal attention.

Support for Families

We understand that addiction affects not only the addicted person but the family as well. To help with the healing process, Miracles provides a supportive family rehab program, where clients and family members receive education, guidance, and support for lifelong recovery.

Research shows that on average for every person with addiction, seven other people are directly affected, and we believe it’s important that everyone is able to heal. This includes family members who often suffer as much, if not more than, the person who has the addiction.

If you’re looking for a rehab in Thailand, Miracles Asia might just have the solution.

As well as helping people with substance abuse, we treat behavioral disorders too such as – gambling, sex and love addiction, gaming addiction and other compulsive behaviors that create a dysfunctional family environment.

We work with you In a supportive, safe location, to find a way forward that is healing and life changing. You will be given ‘tools’ not only to survive, but live life to its fullest.

At Miracles Asia we hold hope for our residents, even if you’ve lost some of that along the way. Once you have these recovery ‘tools’ you’ll know instinctively how to manage your life while being substance-free – and learn to have a life beyond your wildest dreams.

You will be prepared for ongoing recovery and long-term maintenance of that recovery by introducing you to the 12-Step models of recovery, which have helped millions of people all over the world live clean and sober lives, giving you many psychoeducation ‘tools’ for your successful integration back into your ‘real’ life, providing you with solid ongoing aftercare support which includes family support for 12 months following residential treatment.

Our Rehab In Thailand Consists Of

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Free, no obligation addiction assessment

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Family and couples programs

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Aftercare followup for 12 months following treatment

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Individual one-to-one therapy and structured group therapy programs

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Access to off-site 12-Step support groups

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Family support for 12 months following treatment

Mental Health Treatment – Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is when you are experiencing mental health problems as well as substance misuse . It is also called co-morbidity or a co-occurring disorder.

If you are dealing with co-occurring disorders, at Miracles you will learn how to tackle addiction when you’re also dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems.

Whether it’s treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, or a behavioral addiction, our staff will design a treatment plan just for you. If you also have underlying issues such as anxiety or depression, our clinical team will help you learn the coping skills for these, as well as treating your addiction.

Up to 80 percent of people with alcohol and other drug dependency, also have co-occurring mental health conditions.

Our clinical psychologists diagnose and treat these disorders which are common with addiction:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Trauma

At Miracles Asia, we offer integrated service delivery and collaborative treatment to meet the complex needs of our dual diagnosis clients.

Because our residents are often from a business or corporate culture, you are welcome to have access to your phones and computers so you can stay in touch.

Your privacy and confidentiality come first and we ensure your stay will be safe, discreet and enjoyable.

  • You will receive the best evidence-based care in the world from our team of specialist professionals who will treat you with integrity and expertise.
  • Because we’re a small facility, our treatment program is able to be tailored to suit you, your individual needs and background.
  • Addiction is a multi-faceted problem, and we will treat the whole of you, not just your addiction, whether you have a dual diagnosis like anxiety or depression, we will find the right approach just for you.
  • Maybe you’ve tried other treatment centers elsewhere in the past and this time you may want to get away to somewhere more effective, quiet and peaceful.
  • At Miracles you’ll receive individual care in a beautiful, luxurious setting, far from the crowds and pollution of big cities.
  • If you’re not sure you have a problem with addiction we will give you a no-obligation, free assessment.
    Quotation Mark yellow

    "Everyone was just amazing"

    "I was very impressed with the level of care medical clinical and support staff at Miracles. All the staff from the maids to the doctors were empathetic and caring all were very sensitive to my individual needs, my problem was trauma and anxiety which were treated alongside my addiction issues. Everyone was just amazing"

    Michael D. (USA) living in  Hong Kong

    Quotation Mark Big 2

    "The whole rehab team were great"

    "Miracles allows fairly unrestricted access to their cellphones and computers during free time. The freedom to access my personal life while in residence made me all the more willing to make my stay a success. The whole team were great. "

    Michael D. (USA) living in  Hong Kong

    Quotation Mark

    "I am sober and free"

    "I have remained sober since I have left Miracles rehab center in Thailand one year ago. Miracles and Mark still check up on me regularly throughout the year. I haven't ever been somewhere that offered so much support after I left. I am sober and free."

    Caroline, Australia

    Quotation Mark Blue

    "There are no words that can explain how grateful I am"

    "There are no words that can explain how grateful I am to have stayed in this beautiful Thai rehab at Miracles Asia. When I first spoke to Mark I felt he was guiding me and he really listened when I discussed topics whereas others who tried to help us wouldn't really give us the chance to be heard. Changed my life, thank you. "

    Shaun, United Kingdom

    Our Guarantee to you

    We are so convinced that our program works that if you are able to spend three months with us and then suffer the pain of relapse within one year of leaving Miracles Asia, we’ll treat you for a month for free. That’s how much faith we have in our drug addiction treatment program at Miracles Asia. We know how important your recovery is and we will do our best to make sure that you get what you deserve – a good life, full of happiness and freedom from using. Living an addiction-free life is absolutely possible and we at Miracles Asia are proof of that ourselves. We know what it’s like to recover. Get your life back: you deserve it!

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