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What We Treat

Thailand's Leading Addiction Treatment Facility
Experience the Miracles Asia difference for any type of addiction or mental health challenges that you or your loved one are facing. Our dedicated team is here and ready to be your guide on your path to a long-lasting recovery.

The Miracles ASia Difference

Get to the root cause of your addiction

The goal of our treatment program is designed to help you overcome your addiction and any underlying issues. We want Miracles Asia to be the last residential facility you must visit. No matter what you're struggling with, our team is ready to guide you to a successful recovery.

Medical Detox 

Tailored Detox Solutions
At Miracles Asia, we understand that the detox needs of each guest is unique. Based on your substance of choice, and initial withdrawal symptoms, our Clinical Team is ready to help you get through this often difficult time.

If you experience severe withdrawal symptoms, our Support Team will accompany you to a nearby partner hospital to safeguard you against alcohol seizures or other life threatening complications.


Get to the root cause of your addiction
Our commitment to addressing mental health alongside addiction treatment sets us apart from other rehab centers. 

At Miracles Asia, we understand that each person's journey requires a personalized approach. This is why we offer tailored treatment programs that get to the root cause of the addiction.

Start Your Recovery in Phuket, Thailand

Ready to Experience the Miracles Asia Difference?

Our team of addiction experts will make getting the help you need as seamless as possible. Call us today, or enter your details below to begin your path to a long-lasting and successful recovery.

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