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Coping with Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

Unmask the Symptoms and Discover Recovery Strategies
Tackling Adderall withdrawal doesn't need to be done alone. At Miracles Asia, our program provides ssential tools and a supportive community to your recovery a smooth one.

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Adderall withdrawal is a potentially dangerous condition that individuals recovering from Adderall addiction invariably have to deal with.

There are a range of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that make recovery and rehabilitation difficult. However, you can beat them if you know what you're dealing with.

As with most drugs, we strongly recommend visiting a rehab for professional Adderall addiction treatment program with qualified medical staff.

What is Adderall Withdrawal?

Adderall withdrawal is what happens when the body starts to recover from this form of drug abuse. It generally happens when the individual has been taking the drug in large doses for a long time.
In appropriate doses, Adderall is a useful treatment for ADHD and Narcolepsy.
This leads to the body becoming physically dependent on the drug to function. When the drug is no longer there, the body remains dependent and no longer knows how to function normally.

What Causes Stimulant Withdrawal?

The main cause of amphetamine withdrawal symptoms is that drug abuse affects the brain chemistry. The human body is a delicately-aligned instrument that produces just enough of the appropriate chemicals and substances. In some cases, the chemical alignment is slightly skewed.
Adderall is commonly prescribed in specific doses to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as narcolepsy. It's an effective medication because it increases dopamine and norepinephrine, which helps the individual to focus. With Adderall abuse, the doses increase and become more frequent.

In larger doses, the medication floods the brain with the abovementioned chemicals. Since dopamine is also responsible for happy feelings, people often take larger doses to get a type of emotional high. Since the human body is adaptable, it learns to live with this new, chemically-induced normal.

When someone who was abusing Adderall stops taking the drug, their body believes that it still needs the drug to function. As it learns to re-adapt and function naturally again, the changes in brain chemistry and physical conditions cause intense withdrawal symptoms.

Is Adderall Withdrawal Dangerous?

Withdrawal from Adderall is rarely dangerous in its own right.

However, quitting Adderall cold turkey may lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. These are generally the most dangerous psychological symptoms of withdrawal.
Adderall addiction negatively affects brain chemistry.
The physical symptoms are generally a lot less subdued, and are unlikely to pose any real danger. However, if the Adderall addiction goes with another type of substance abuse, the symptoms may be more severe.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from Adderall comes with a wide range of unfortunate side effects. Fortunately, the common withdrawal symptoms for this drug are much milder than most other amphetamines.

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of withdrawal from Adderall are the lesser of two evils, with psychological effects being more intense. Physically, individuals may experience the following:
Muscle cramps or stomach cramps
Muscle tremors
Extreme fatigue
An inability to sleep
Sleep disturbances
Hypersomnia (sleeping too much)
A decreased or increased appetite
Nausea or vomiting
Headaches are a common side effect of Adderall withdrawal.

Psychological Symptoms

The psychological withdrawal symptoms of Adderall are by far the harder part of the process, especially in the case of acute withdrawal. The symptoms may include:
Drug cravings
A loss of desire to do enjoyable activities
Vivid dreams, generally involving the drug
Panic attacks
Mood Swings
Suicidal thoughts
Trouble concentrating
Difficulty remembering things
Inability to function in social settings

Adderall Withdrawal Timeline

Adderall withdrawal generally follows a relatively fixed timeline. There may be some variation, based on how long the individual has been taking the drug, and whether or not it's a severe addiction.
The Adderall withdrawal timeline is relatively reliable.
If you simply stop taking the drug, you'll probably experience four different stages of withdrawal:
The crash - First 48 hours
Peak intensity - The third, fourth, and fifth days after your last dose
The beginning of recovery - From the fifth day onwards
The battle for sobriety - After the first two weeks

Adderall Crash - Days One to Two

In the case of a severe addiction, individuals may experience more intense withdrawal symptoms. This is known as a crash period, and generally only lasts for a few days. During this time, individuals may experience the following symptoms:
Panic attacks
Adderall cravings
Depression or suicidal thoughts
Trouble sleeping
Excessive sleeping
Low energy levels
An increase in appetite
Individuals may experience any of these symptoms during the first two days of the withdrawal process. Not all patients will, but most will experience at least some of them.

Days Three to Five - Symptoms Reach Peak Intensity

During this phase of the withdrawal process, the individual will experience the most severe symptoms of the entire process. Symptoms may include:
Mood Swings
Poor Concentration
Sleep problems
Increased appetite

Days Five to Seven

After about a week, most of the physical symptoms will have resolved themselves. At this point in the withdrawal period, the only lingering symptoms should be psychological in nature.

Anxiety, moodiness, depression, and other similar symptoms may persist for several weeks after the peak. We'd recommend remaining in a medical detox center until all symptoms have subsided.

Days 14+

About two weeks after you stop taking Adderall, there should be few symptoms if any. There may still be lingering sadness or drug cravings. The cravings may be a factor for the rest of the patient's life.

This is the time when most individuals truly start battling for their sobriety. Most of the negative side effects have worn off, apart from some sadness. Combined with the cravings, this can make it quite tempting to take another dose.

Protracted Withdrawal from Adderall

In some cases, when the Adderall tolerance is high and the substance abuse problem is severe, the withdrawal symptoms may last longer. However, the worst of the symptoms should still have subsided by the end of week two.

How Long Do Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

When you detox from Adderall, the worst of the withdrawal symptoms happen from days one to five. By the end of week two, most lingering symptoms should have subsided. However, it may take several months for emotions to stabilize, and depression to wane completely.

Cravings for the drug may never disappear entirely.

Treating Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

The physical withdrawal from Adderall is often quite mild for this prescription stimulant. However, we'd still recommend getting treatment from trained medical professionals, in case of complications.

Furthermore, the psychological results can be severe and a treatment center with addiction professionals can help to manage them. Let's look at some of the available treatment options.

With Medication

There's no approved drug for stopping Adderall addiction and other types of substance abuse disorder. But, a medical professional can prescribe substances to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

That's only if you stop taking the drug abruptly and need to deal with full-scale Adderall detox. Generally, this isn't the advised treatment for Adderall addiction.

Medical Detox

The best way to undergo addiction treatment for this drug is by participating in inpatient treatment under medical supervision. The trained staff can help simplify your Adderall detox by slowly reducing the size of the doses.

By the time you quit taking Adderall, your last dose will be tiny. Your body will also have adapted slowly to the change in dosage. Thanks to this slow change, the Adderall addiction withdrawal process is simpler, you can avoid most of the side effects, and it's easier to prevent relapse.

Support Groups

Support groups can mean the difference between a full recovery and a relapse. It's always a good idea to reach out to other people who understand the struggle you've gone through.
A support groups can greatly help the rehabilitation process.
A group like Addicts Anonymous, or another local support group can help you deal with some of the problems you experience during and after withdrawal.

Members will likely also have tips for coping with the mood changes, appetite changes, and other side effects you experience while recovering.

Beating Adderall Addiction: Cold Turkey Vs. Medically-Assisted Rehab

There are two ways to deal with an addiction to Adderall use:
Cold turkey
Where you stop the drug use, and go through the full withdrawal process.
Medically-assisted rehab
Where you slowly get weaned off the drug.

Get Back on Track With Help From Miracles Asia

If you're suffering from Adderall addiction, you are not alone. Many young adults, and even older adults, who started taking the medication for legitimate reasons have developed addictions.

Even if your addiction didn't start with prescription drugs, there is hope. Here at Miracles Asia, we offer comprehensive Adderall addiction treatment.

We'd recommend participating in our residential rehab program, where our medical professionals can monitor you. We can help make your addiction treatment as painless as possible, and bring you to a place where your last dose doesn't feel like a death sentence.

From group support systems, to regular exercise, and countless opportunities to relax, we offer everything you need for a seamless recovery. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our rehabilitation programs.

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