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Heroin Addiction and Abuse

It is possble to escape the feeling of being in a Black Hole
If you or a loved one are struggliing with Heroin addiction it can feel like an endless battle. With the right knowledge, support and treatment, it is possible to regain control of your life and enjoy long-term recovery.
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Heroin is considered one of the most dangerous and destructive drugs. And for good reason.

As one of the strongest and most addictive drugs, heroin use can quickly develop into fully-fledged addiction. That can have destructive consequences on one's life, affecting mental health, physical well-being, family life, work, social life, and more.

In many instances, heroin abuse leads to death from overdose. Indeed, of 13,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020 in the United States, 20% of these deaths were caused by heroin overdose. That's a seven-time increase from 1999 statistics.

Therefore, if you suspect you or your loved one might abuse heroin, you must act now.

Contact Miracles Asia today to learn how we can help treat opiate addiction.

As the #1 alcohol and drug rehab in Thailand, Miracles Asia has the expertise, knowledge, and experience required to help you turn your life around and regain control.

Understanding Heroin Abuse: Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

Heroin is a highly addictive opiate painkiller synthesized from morphine derived from poppy plant seeds. Taken in various forms, most famously by injection (although it's also possible to sniff or smoke heroin), heroin hits fast and intensely, providing users with strong feelings of euphoria called a "heroin rush."

A heroin rush can last about 2 minutes, and many heroin users compare the experience to an intense orgasm in terms of pleasure. The heroin then continues to travel through the bloodstream, staying in one's system for 4-5 hours.

As for the remaining effects of heroin, most users experience reduced anxiety, apathy, pain relief, and contentment.

Heroin users also usually experience drowsiness and dizziness, which might even feel enjoyable. Furthermore, the withdrawal symptoms don't include a hangover or comedown, which is another attractive benefit in new users' eyes.

These reasons and the fact that heroin is relatively inexpensive compared to some other drugs cause many people to fall into heroin's embrace.

And with heroin tolerance building quickly, what might seem harmless and occasional use can quickly turn into substance abuse and full heroin use disorder, aka, heroin addiction.

First hand experiences with heroin addiction

Listen to one of our former guests share his experiences with all types of substance addiction and PTSD after serving in active duty.

Signs & Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction can develop much faster than some other drugs and substances. Furthermore, according to heroin addiction recovery statistics, heroin users have roughly a 50-60% chance of developing substance addiction, with one in four first-time users becoming addicted to heroin.

How does a person develop heroin addiction?

Like with other types of addiction, it all comes down to how heroin affects our brain's reward system. Heroin binds with our opioid receptors, influencing our brain to release feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

The brain typically releases these chemicals during activities such as eating or exercise. They are also released to help our bodies deal with pain and discomfort.

However, if you start using heroin, the brain will treat it as a feel-good chemicals activator. Eventually, the brain will become unable to activate these chemicals by itself, relying on heroin to trigger their release.

As such, the brain can't function without heroin, eventually leading to drug abuse and addiction.

As for the signs of heroin addiction, the most common symptoms include:
Using heroin despite it affecting one's social life and work chores.
Lying to friends and family members about using heroin.
Failed attempts to quit heroin.
Experiencing strong unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as migraine, mood swings, intense heroin cravings, or hostility toward others when not on heroin.
Building tolerance to heroin.
Putting yourself in danger when taking heroin, such as sharing needles or using dirty needles.
Physical symptoms, such as weight loss, flushed skin, runny nose, watery eyes, vomiting, slowed breathing, lethargy, or constricted pupils.
Behavioral symptoms, such as constant scratching, social withdrawal, apathy, lack of motivation, and decreased attention to personal hygiene.
Developing mental health problems, such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety.
If you start noticing any of such symptoms, it's vital to seek professional help immediately. Heroin addiction only worsens with time, often leading to overdose, which, in many instances, can be lethal.

Heroin Addiction & Abuse: Causes and Risk Factors

understanding heroin addiction and drug abuse
Although it's difficult to determine any specific causes for a person to become addicted to heroin (or any other drug for that reason), there are several factors that addiction and mental health professionals identify as potential substance abuse and addiction risk factors, including the following:
Gender - in general, men are more likely to abuse heroin than females.
Age - late teens and young adults are more prone to using heroin, often leading to abuse and addiction.
Struggling with mental illness, such as depression, anxiety disorder, insomnia, or PTSD.
Developing addiction to another substance, e.g., alcohol or opioid drugs.
Personal and family history of substance abuse and mental health illnesses.
Potential child or adult trauma.
Being friends with heroin users or addicts.
Having easy access to drugs, including heroin.
However, since heroin is a highly addictive substance, a user can become addicted even without any potential risk factors affecting their drug use. That is one of the reasons heroin is such a dangerous and potentially destructive drug.

Effects of Heroin Addiction

Long-term heroin use can have devastating effects on one's health, both mental and physical. It's not uncommon for heroin addicts to develop several co-occurring health conditions.

And while the exact effects of chronic heroin abuse can differ from one user to another, the most common heroin addiction co-occurring health problems include:
Physical health conditions, including chronic pneumonia, tuberculosis, liver and kidney damage, hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS (especially when injected), seizures, and blood clots.
Mental disorders, including depression, insomnia, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.
Behavioral disorders, such as loss of brain cognitive functions, memory loss, job loss, or engaging in dangerous behaviors (e.g., theft or fraud to get the money for heroin).
Furthermore, the more heroin you use, the higher your tolerance, forcing you to ingest one dose after another to satisfy your cravings and needs. This often leads to a heroin overdose, which is extremely dangerous for one's life and is a common cause of death among heroin addicts.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

why is heroin so addictive
As destructive and dangerous as heroin use disorder is, it's important to remember that there's also hope. There are numerous ways to treat heroin addiction. However, for these treatment options to be successful, one must first acknowledge the problem and seek professional help.

The Risk of Heroin Overdose

Many addicts live in denial. They either don't comprehend they may have developed a drug use disorder or simply don't want to acknowledge that fact. Some people also struggle with other co-occurring addictions and mental illnesses, using heroin as a coping mechanism.

And as their heroin abuse becomes more severe, the higher the risk of eventually experiencing heroin overdose. Prolonged heroin abuse can also have a substantial long-term negative effect on one's mental and physical health. That said, finding help for your or your loved one's addiction is a must as soon as you notice any worrying symptoms.

Why and When to Seek Professional Help

Trying to quit heroin on your own can end up in tragedy, especially if your addiction is long-term and severe.

In such instances, during the detox phase, a person experiences extremely intense heroin withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures, extreme pain in muscles and joints, nausea, vomiting, extreme sweating, fever, diarrhea, cold sweats, and anxious thoughts.

All these symptoms can lead to severe medical conditions and even death. That is why it's so essential to undergo a supervised medical detox.

Also, given how intense heroin cravings can become during the initial withdrawal stages, it's practically impossible not to relapse into the same old addictive habits once the detoxification ends.

In other words, choosing a professional drug rehab is more than necessary when treating heroin addiction.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

As devastating as developing substance use disorder is, especially when the drug is so destructive as heroin, there's always hope for a full recovery. However, it's important to understand that treating heroin is a long-term process. Some might even say it's a never-ending battle.

Regarding heroin treatment options, the road to recovery from heroin addiction varies from one patient to another. It usually includes either medication, behavioral therapy, or a combination of both.
Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you learn how heroin affects your brain and body. How it influences your mind and thoughts, helping you establish the roots of your addiction and learn new ways of coping with stress and triggers.

Medications can help recovering addicts reduce cravings and soften withdrawal symptoms. Methadone or Buprenorphine are said to be exceptionally helpful, as they bind opioid receptors in a similar manner to heroin, but without its other devastating effects. Of course, it's important to approach medication therapy with caution, as unsupervised opioid use can lead to opioid abuse and addiction.
Group therapy and support groups, such as Heroin Anonymous, can also have a positive impact on one's road to recovery. Taking part in such therapy sessions and meetings allow recovering addicts to meet people struggling with similar problems and learn how they battled their addiction.

How Miracles Asia Can Help Battle Heroin Addiction

Miracles Asia's Heroin Rehab & Detox Treatment Program is your way out of the addiction's embrace. It combines well-established drug addiction treatment options with our holistic approach, providing you with a tailored treatment plan.

Upon arriving at our private residence located on the mesmerizing island of Phuket, Thailand, you will undergo a thorough medical assessment. That way, we can establish the most effective treatment for your heroin addiction.

You will then go through a medically supervised detox to ensure your withdrawal process is safe and effective. After detoxification, a personalized treatment plan will begin.

Our heroin addiction rehab program includes:
free addiction assessment at miracles asia
At least 2 Individual therapy sessions with a western psycologist
Daily group therapy and support sessions
Family therapy and involvement (optional)
Medical detox led by a psychiatrist who specializes in treating addiction and managing withdrawals.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
A long term relapse prevention program
Therapeutic exercise (e.g., yoga, swimming, and massage sessions)
Group outings and activities
A healthy & delicious diet tailored to your dietary needs
You will also be able to enjoy the numerous amenities located within our facility, including swimming pools, a yoga studio, and massage studios. You will also have your private room packed with such amenities as flat-screen TV, air conditioning, king-sized bed, and more.

Why Choose Miracles Asia for Heroin Rehab?

Being the premier rehabilitation facility in Thailand, and because many of our team are in recovery themselves, we deeply comprehend the obstacles you're grappling with. We're here to aid you in conquering your gambling addiction, starting from this moment onward.

Within our establishment, an extensive range of treatment options is at your disposal. These treatments are administered by certified mental health experts endorsed by the Thai Ministry of Health. Our team comprises proficient Western therapists who have personally triumphed over addiction, thus possessing a profound understanding of your challenges.

Our approach is firmly rooted in proven methods, and we create an individualized treatment strategy that aligns with your specific requirements. Anticipate four private sessions per week with our therapists and support staff, ensuring dedicated attention to your recovery. Furthermore, we facilitate numerous daily small-group therapy sessions, fostering a sense of camaraderie among individuals on similar journeys. Our comprehensive relapse prevention program equips you to sustain lasting progress.

Acknowledging the significance of mental health and trauma healing, we provide effective therapeutic techniques to address these facets of your well-being. Additionally, our commitment to delivering top-tier hospitality extends to your accommodations and meals, guaranteeing a comfortable stay.

We advocate for holistic well-being, organizing outings, sports activities, yoga, and fitness sessions to enhance your physical and emotional health. Moreover, we offer meditation, mindfulness, and massage therapies to promote relaxation and self-exploration.

Even after you've completed your treatment regimen, our extensive aftercare support program remains accessible. This program is designed to assist you in upholding your progress and navigating your reintegration into daily life.

All that for a fraction of rehab costs charged by Western facilities and away from triggers and prying eyes.

Going to heroin rehab in Thailand guarantees peace and privacy, essential for peaceful and effective recovery.

Overcome your heroin addiction with Miracles Asia, and regain control over your life.

Contact us today to turn your life around!

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