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Help For Adderall Dependence

Being stuck in the cycle of Adderall abuse is a vicious place to be. From staying awake for nights and days, to crashing asleep for long periods, and back again.

You were probably prescribed Adderall at some point to treat a diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, to help you pay attention in school or focus at work. Or you may have been given it by a friend with a prescription.

Adderall and other prescription stimulants often leads to a place where it becomes hard to stop using drugs for more than a few weeks, or even a couple of days at a time. As you keep getting the prescriptions repeated over the years, it takes you to a place where you think you “need” it to function.

You’re not alone in being dependent on Adderall. Many clients with similar stories come through Miracles Asia with Adderall addiction and Adderall abuse. They have learned how to function without prescription stimulants. You will learn how to deal with the withdrawals and live life without feeling the need to use stimulants or any other substances.
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There Is A Way Forward

Miracles Asia teaches you how to live a happy life without substances. Many people using Adderall find themselves also using other substances, whether it be Benzodiazepines like Klonopin, Xanax, or Valium, or alcohol, to calm their nerves or sleep. 

For this reason, many individuals have additional substance abuse issues along with their Adderall use. The tapering and freedom from other drugs is part of your recovery from Adderall abuse.

The freeing environment of Miracles Asia is one piece of the healing puzzle and long-term part of your new life without a physical dependence on Adderall use. In a confidential environment, far away from your workplace, you can recover among the hundreds of health retreats of Phuket, Thailand. It is easy to blend in.

Although truth is important to self-discovery and freedom, that doesn't mean you need to be an open book to anyone in your life. You are never under any obligation to share your story of treatment with anyone.

It's Time to Take Care Of Yourself

It is so easy to beat yourself up when you are in a cycle of drug abuse and, for this reason, that much more important to take it easy on yourself. What you will learn at Miracles Asia is self-love, patience, and healing. You've suffered enough.

By making the decision to come to us, you're proving that you deserve it and that you are worthy of a good life. Your recovery from Adderall addiction will start in a beautiful, tranquil environment where you will receive a combination of great hospitality and the highest quality care.

You will be looked over by highly qualified addiction specialists and mental health professionals who are dedicated to providing you with personalized, comprehensive treatment. Our stimulant treatment methods will help you overcome your addiction and get your life back on track so that you can begin living life again, drug free.

We have several clients who are are currently undergoing treatment for Adderall use and several who have recovered, now living a life free of stimulants and all other drugs.

Supportive Space For Your Recovery

There are so many people who are recovered or entering treatment for Adderall addiction.

You will connect with amphetamine and stimulant users as well as methamphetamine addicts, from all different places, all experiencing similar desires to be free and happy without drugs.

The Miracles Asia staff will hold your hand through the detox and make sure you are safe and comfortable as the drugs leave your body. The staff will make you are treated medically if necessary, and make sure the transition is peaceful.

Many times after stopping Adderall or any stimulants, your body and mind will both be tired. The staff members will be patient with you if more sleep is necessary, and gently guide you into your new setting.

Over the first 30 days, you will begin to learn to live life in a relaxed setting surrounded by beautiful Phuket, Thailand. Getting out for easy hikes in the lush greenery, going for massages, eating wonderfully cooked food, and eventually participating in yoga and going to the world class sport facility nearby are all parts of waking up to your new life.

Most importantly, you will learn how to live free of drugs by being taught the tools to stop drug abuse. This includes Psycho Education, meditation, mindfulness, and group meetings where you can share your story without the fear of being judged. Miracles Asia maintains strict confidentiality as its clients come from all parts of the world, all parts of life.

Business owners, CEO’s, doctors, bankers, college students, artists, and celebrities all come together at Miracles Asia for the same reason - to be free from their hells of substance use.
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Unique Approach To Adderall Addiction Treatment

Though Miracles Asia has taken many of the best parts of Western treatment centers, it also combines a more grounded and trusted approach to its clients.

You are allowed to have your technology, such as your computer and phone as needed in your private bedroom, whereas many facilities take these from new clients.

As we have many executives and others with outside responsibilities, so it is understood that communication with the outside world is often necessary to a successful experience.

Ideally, you have the space to focus on yourself and your recovery while at Miracles, but there are clients who continue to work during their off-hours.

Most importantly, your treatment plan will be shaped around you. Your therapy, counseling, medication (if necessary), relapse prevention plan, and aftercare will be for you.

You will also have your choice of incredibly healthy and nourishing foods from one of the best chefs in Phuket.

Benefits Of A Rehab Program

Prescription amphetamine use is especially serious, as it affects the central nervous system and often causes short-term acute depression when stopped. This is one of the reasons users continue abusing Adderall. It is important that long-term users of Adderall and other stimulants enter a treatment facility, because a treatment facility will teach people with stimulant addiction to function without it.

You will be guided in part by a clinical director and medical staff, who will decide if you need to do a medical detox and what treatment path to take. Addiction to amphetamines is not commonly understood. The way we behave while we're in active addiction is hard for family members and friends to see and often they don't understand why we can't ‘just stop'.

That's why rehab centers are a good option. It's normal to need hands-on assistance to stop using, and to stay stopped because of the compulsive nature of using Adderall. It takes the best of the American addiction centers - such as group therapy and individual counseling - and adds a holistic approach to the treatment process such as guided meditation and yoga.

This might seem foreign to you if you have never been to a rehab center, but it adds relief to the recovery process. You will also be taught relapse prevention so that when you leave Miracles Asia, you have the additional tools to manage your life and find success without taking Adderall.

Starting Your Recovery From Adderall Dependence

It is normal to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of treatment centers if you are struggling with Adderall addiction. You might think of treatment centers as only necessary for those abusing other medications or street drugs, but not for Adderall.

Adderall usage doesn't normally pop up on the list of dangerous drugs in popular culture, and because it is a comparatively new drug prescription, it took the treatment centers time to catch up.

Your treatment at Miracles Asia for the misuse of Adderall prescriptions will be far ahead of other programs.

The treatment programs at Miracles Asia have long addressed stimulant abuse, as Asia and Australia have been dealing with a surge for decades.

The treatment process for misusing Adderall - at Miracles Asia - takes into account the combined-hundreds of years its staff has been treating stimulant users. They understand the withdrawal process and will guide you through the treatment with ease.
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Managing Withdrawal Symptoms Correctly

The Adderall withdrawal symptoms are among the sharpest reasons users abuse Adderall and among the best reasons to begin your recovery in a treatment center. Luckily for you, the physical dependence will begin wane only three to four days into detox. It depends on your prescribed dose, but most people taking Adderall will begin to recover in a rehab center within a week.

Typically during periods of Adderall abuse, users will lose weight and develop a short-term sleep disorder. Miracles Asia has a world-class chef who cooks healthy, nutritious food for clients to help you regain the nutrition your body needs. There will also be time to sleep and get your energy back.

Mood swings can also be common among early withdrawal symptoms from an addiction to Adderall. But with a patient staff, nutritious meals, wellness activities, and rest, your mood will stabilize.

Baby Steps

The decision to get addiction treatment is an important first step. You are unique – and your treatment will be as well. At our treatment center in Thailand, you will get time out from all your problems and the stress of life, and you'll be able to focus on getting well.

Not every client's rehabilitation from Adderall is the same. Some might need a longer, more intensive rehabilitation program, while others require less time before moving on to the next stage of recovery.

Rehabilitation is an important foundation to a successful recovery. Adderall addicts will find it almost impossible to stop using the drug on their own. At Miracles Asia, clients will learn how to manage their physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms while learning to understand the root of their substance use disorder.

You will also learn how to manage life without Adderall or other prescription stimulants. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, our staff at Miracles Asia provides an extensive and highly rated Adderall drug rehab program that will give you all the right tools to help you begin to live life free of Adderall addiction.

It all begins with baby steps. If you recognize commons signs that Adderall has become a problem for you, you've taken the first step.

Choosing The Right Environment For Your Recovery

The surroundings of Phuket, Thailand - and the Miracles Asia facility - may at first seem too good for a substance abuser. Aren't we supposed to be punished?

You will be treated with the philosophies of love, patience, kindness and mindfulness. That is the Miracles Asia environment for recovery. During inpatient rehabilitation, clients live at Miracles Asia's luxurious villa and can explore the islands beauty. You will be welcomed with warmth and understanding which, if you're an Adderall abuser, you may not have felt for long time.

How The Miracles Asia Rehab Program Will Help You

You will receive 24-hour attention, if it's needed, in order to address any concerns or respond to any of your issues. This includes managing psychological withdrawal symptoms and cravings that may persist after detoxification.

The length of inpatient rehab varies for each client. Typically, your rehab in Thailand will last between 30 and 60 days. The Miracles Asia program has an 85% success rate for individuals that stay with us for 60 days or longer. You may choose to stay longer depending on your own situation and needs. People who suffer from Adderall addiction will often benefit if they are able to leave a negative home environment or social life.

Attending an Adderall rehab program in Thailand can give them the necessary positive change of scenery. Nutritious food plans are made for each client and we offer exercise plans, yoga therapy sessions and other activities. 

Additional aspects of Adderall treatment at Miracles Asia include:
  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning.
  • 24-hour care.
  • Medication management.
  • Meetings with a therapist/counselor.
  • Aftercare and discharge planning.
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Your Life Without Adderall Addiction

Recovering from Adderall addiction can be challenging, but a drug-free life is possible. Facing drug addiction is not easy, but your future does not have to include Adderall addiction.

At Miracles Asia we know that if left untreated, Adderall addiction can lead to more and more consequences and can have a major impact on all areas of your life – including your ability to function in your job, your relationships, and it can affect your health in general. 

It's important to know that you don't need to suffer alone – Adderall dependence can definitely be treated and the most important initial action to take is to ask for help – with people who know how.

Managing ADHD In Recovery

Adderall is among the most commonly prescribed drugs for an ADHD diagnosis. While sometimes necessary - our addiction psychiatrist will help you determine if you still need it or how much is needed for your current situation. It is often overprescribed as a cure-all for what might be underlying issues, such as trauma or mental health disorders.

Giving prescription medication - especially a schedule II controlled substance - to someone who is at increased risk of addiction, is asking for trouble. And it will most often lead to dependence for the user, especially in work and school. There is another way to live life and manage responsibilities, without a prescription drug. 
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After the Adderall Abuse Stops

One of the biggest reasons people abuse Adderall is that they become dependent on it after they have started taking it for legitimate reasons, such as life responsibilities.

Miracles Asia treatment program focuses on giving you space from the drug - in this case amphetamine and dextroamphetamine - and teaching you how to manage your self after the substance abuse ends.

Learning how to manage life and responsibilities without Adderall and other stimulants is as important as stopping the substance misuse. You will learn, and in some cases relearn, how to manage yourself free from an addiction to Adderall.

Its Time To Be Free From Your Adderall Addiction

Once you break free from Adderall addiction and any other substance misuse at Miracles Asia, our licensed therapists will continue to help you grow in strength and confidence until you depart the addiction center.

Aftercare therapies will help you continue to manage your feelings and give you new ways for increasing Dopamine and Serotonin levels. You will have a wide choice of treatment options available to you for months afterward to make sure you are able to continue your recovery and successful re-emergence into society.

You will no longer be addicted to Adderall and be encouraged to join support groups in your hometown and on Zoom. You will be on your way to a new life, happy, joyous and free, with the problems of Adderall addiction far behind you.
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