Your Addiction Treatment Team

Recovery Specialists Ready to Help You

The founders, as well as some of the management and clinical team at Miracles Asia have been where you or your loved one is right now.

Having experienced first hand the pain, struggles and countless challenges that are presented when fighting addiction, the business leaders are personally invested and motivated to make sure you get the most effective treatment possible every single day so that you get sober safely, and so you have the tools needed to live free from addiction long after you return home.

As you will see below, many of our team have strong roots in the hospitality field, as well as having decades of combined experience in all areas of the addiction treatment and recovery community which ensures your every need is completely taken care of during your residential treatment and while participating in our exclusive aftercare service.

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catherine oleary

Mark Heather

Master of Sciences 

Founder & Managing Director

“If you want to find a way, find someone who has”

Mark has been a hotelier in Southeast Asia for the last 30 years and has been in recovery for 25 years.

Together with Bill O’Leary, Mark is dedicated to bringing hospitality and long lasting recovery together for all clients at Miracles Asia.

The dream Mark and Bill had was to have a small bespoke private property with professional qualified teams, delivering counselling and care from people in recovery themselves, using the latest evidence-based therapy.

Mark is passionate about supporting his clients and manages Miracles on a day-to-day basis. He is always available to clients and still actively takes part in 12-step group sessions.

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catherine oleary

Melinda Lake

B.A. (Psych) Grad. Dip (psych)

Clinical Director

“The way we experience ourselves is often different from the way we are”

Melinda is a Psychologist, Author and National board approved supervisor of provisionally registered psychologists in Australia and she founded Re-psycle, a psychology practice specializing in individual & group treatment for addictive disorders.

She has been a consultant psychologist for the NSW Alcohol & Drug Foundation’s rehabilitation service for mothers and babies and clinical staff supervisor at Guthrie House

Melinda has authored a treatment manual for addictive disorders in memory of her professional mentor psychologist Jim Maclaine.

In 2014 she co-founded Australian Recovery Centres, a health promotion charity whose primary purpose is to show Australians how to step out of addictive patterns to re-join the natural environment, family and community.

In 2016 she stepped up to the CEO position of Australian Recovery’s residential treatment center in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

In December 2019, the recovery center was completely lost due to the bushfire, so Melinda accepted a position as Practice Lead with Marathon Health, the lead agency overseeing 7 Headspace centres in Australia.

Melinda was a long-time member of the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia during its operation, she remains a member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

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catherine oleary

Kirstin Gourlay

MA Hon.s Social Anthropology

Psychoeducation & Aftercare Facilitator

“The point is not to survive addiction. The point is to thrive in recovery and live a life second to none.”

Kirstin is an Addiction Recovery Coach, Wellness Consultant, Life Coach, Yoga Therapist and Healing Touch Practitioner. She has experienced the negative impact of addiction, and the power of recovery in her own life and the lives of many others.

What she has learned over the years is that there is no one size fits all. We are dynamic human beings and we require a multitude of modalities to move from the disease of addiction to a path of sustainable recovery.

Kirstin is passionate about supporting people to recover physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her mission is to empower people to bring increased balance, vitality and freedom into their lives. Her style is warm, down-to-earth, direct, knowledgeable and humorous.

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catherine oleary

Nicola Williams

MSc Forensic Psychology 


“One Shoe Doesn’t Fit All”

Nicola has over 17 years of experience practicing as a counsellor in Australia, providing treatment for individuals with personality disorders and suffering from effects of family violence, but her main focus has always been in the addiction treatment field.

She specializes in the forensic field of behavior change, and having worked in forensic and community settings Nicola found her niche working in several drug and alcohol residential treatment centres between 2015 and 2022.

Nicola has a particular interest in research and the difference in treatment processes that are used on the global level. Originally from the United Kingdom, she spent her first few years in Australia employed by a large drug and alcohol organization, piloting research projects, for the treatment and recovery of methamphetamine users .

As a therapist Nicola believes that “One shoe doesn’t fit all” when it comes to therapy and she adopts an inclusive approach to delivering treatment, while favoring no particular type of therapeutic framework. By taking a more person centered approach, Nicola provides individuals with the tools that allow them to have more control over their own recovery.

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catherine oleary

Anouk Aerdts

BSc Occupational Therapy

Support Staff

“Today is Today”

Anouk is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist from The Netherlands with over 12 years experience in the psychiatric field

She also has an extensive background in Art Therapy.

She is passionate about supporting people dealing with addiction or coping with mental health problems.

She brings with her many skills and experiences to Miracles Asia, and offers an individual approach to each client.

Anouk provides a diverse range of modalities including DBT, Mindfulness, Meditation and Art Therapy to individuals as well as groups.

She is dedicated to her work and passionate about guiding people in their treatment at Miracles Asia

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danny woodward

Danny Woodward

AA Program Specalist

Support Staff

“Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is cash on hand. Live in the now.

With over 40 years of experience as a sober coach, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge from the Alcoholics Anonymous program literature and its way of life to Miracles Asia.

He has worked through the big book and the 12 and 12 for several years helping thousands of people through their addiction treatment and teaching them how to approach a new successful life without drugs and alcohol.

Danny comes from a musical family and he was featured on 60 Minutes news network in the USA, interviewed by Bob Simon, when he was the musical director of The Portman Ritz Carlton in Shanghai.

Danny has been around the music industry since the 1960’s and he is an accomplished singer, songwriter and entertainer. He also opened the very first Beijing jazz club in 1999 call The Big Easy as well as playing along side a vast number of famous artists from all around the world.

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danny woodward

Morag Clark

Complex Trauma Coach

Support Staff

“There is no right or wrong just choices we make and paths we walk “

Morag has over 20 years experience in the community services industry and has trained in a wide variety of different modalities.

Her primary niches include energy healing, psychodrama, holistic counselling and complex trauma education.

She has been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for over 27 years, and food recovery for 4 years.

Morag is extremely passionate about showing people how they can be free and heal from all types of addictions as well as childhood trauma.

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catherine oleary

Clifford Edwards

Admissions Manager

“When the fear of staying the same exceeds the fear of change, then you’ll change”

Clifford will be your initial contact and help with all aspects of your enquiry and admission to Miracles Asia, including visa requirements.

In abstinence-based recovery himself for nearly two decades, he trained in counselling whilst working at an addiction drop-in centre in London. He has first hand experience facilitating client group meetings.

Clifford grew from this experience to form his own treatment facility in South East Asia, so he is extremely familiar with the recovery process from start to finish.

Clifford has a sincere desire to be helpful, meeting people where they are at and going the extra mile when necessary.

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catherine oleary

Catherine O’Leary

RN. BN. MA. PGD Adv Psych. Dip Couns.

Assistant Managing Director and Clinical Consultant

“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional”

Catherine is a trained mental health and addiction professional, with over 35 years’ experience in health care and addiction recovery.

She has successfully completed a Certificate of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Arts (health), Graduate Diploma of Advanced Psychiatric Nursing, Certificate of Drug and Alcohol Nursing, Mental Health First Aid Instructor Certification and a Diploma of Counselling.

Catherine now specializes in addiction counselling and family intervention support. She has a wealth of personal and professional experience with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief & loss and relationship difficulties.

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catherine oleary

Bill O’Leary


Alcoholism and addiction effects about 10-15% of the population. Either you are – or you are not. If you are, like me, the bomb is in the first one, so that means I can’t pick it up – No Matter What!”

Bill is an Australian Professional Mariner, Maritime Tourism Development Adviser and co-author of Southeast Asia’s Super Yacht Cruising Guide – “Southeast Asia Pilot”​.

He has three decades in planning, design, construction, project development, maintenance and operations of luxury resorts.

Bill has been in recovery himself for over two decades and is dedicated to the recovery of suffering addicts and those they effect.