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Why Go To Rehab For Depression

Depression is a sneaky beast. It can come in many different forms. The symptoms don't always mean that you can't physically get out of bed or take care of yourself. It might just be a persistent hint of something below the surface, something that is holding you back from reaching your life goals and your fully realized self.

A lot of the time, depression will come in the form of lower energy levels and a decrease in participation across all aspects of life. Mental illness can be hard to pin down as the cause of this.

Severe depression such as that usually labeled as Major Depressive Disorder can cause you to completely shut down and therefore become obviously disabled to you and the people around you. But typically, depression symptoms are more subtle than that. This can make it hard to put a finger on and leave you wondering why you don't seem to be able to get as much out of life as you would like - like most other people seem to.

At Miracles Asia, we run bespoke addiction treatment programs designed to help you recover from depressive symptoms and arm you with the tools that can help you avoid depression relapse. Our world-class clinical team are experts in their field and their extensive experience allows them to treat depression in all its guises.

A break away from your regular life spent at our state-of-the-art facility in Phuket, Thailand could be the best gift you could ever give yourself and those around you. Because it's not only you who suffers, it's the people around you as well.

The facility and staff at Miracles Asia have been carefully curated to bring you back to life, with surroundings of kindness, peace, and the best clinical recovery team in Asia.

Miracles Asia was Built to Treat Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms like low energy, loss of interest, and persistent feelings of sadness are best treated in a facility that focuses on nurturing a person back to life in a dignified and personalized way. The structure and tone of Miracles Asia programs encourage our clients to feel relaxed and open to treatment and change. 

The programs dedicated to awareness and self-care provide a nurturing backdrop for anyone being treated for mental health disorders. This includes bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and postpartum depression.

Our facility encourages clients to take a breath and focus on themselves, without too much pressure to perform in a hard-nosed program. The staff and programs are designed to empower and enrich, rather than push or pull.

Clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, but everyone is there for the same reason: to focus on themselves for 30 to 90 days, and recover to a point of sanity and mental well-being. Being located in a quiet part of Phuket, Thailand means clients can go on trips to the surrounding beaches and rainforests. The facility itself is also filled with lush trees and plants.

It is well documented that this kind of exposure to nature can help improve your mental wellness and general state of mind. Nourishing food from one of Phuket's top chefs, nature walks, and trips to the Olympic-class athletic center also help clients recover or maintain their physical health while they're here.
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Healing and Wellness

Persistent depressive disorder is treated best when the client can take time to focus on themselves in a place of low pressure. 

Healing emotional turmoil is often a part of treating major depression, and the best version of healing starts from a place of peace. Getting into a truly peaceful setting is a key part of the foundation for treating depression.

Interacting with others on a gentle, patient basis helps clients rebuild connections that aren't strife with anxiety and chaos. Getting to that place of wellness helps isolate the problematic symptoms, so the staff and psychiatrist can understand and treat the underlying depression.

Medical Treatment for Long Term Mental Health

Miracles Asia has one of the region's best psychiatrists, who is seasoned in treating depression in clients. Depression is often an underlying cause for issues such as substance abuse and compulsive behavior that might not make sense without a proper diagnosis.

Often mental disorders co-occur with substance abuse and behavioral addictions. Our staff can help you understand and separate the issues you are trying to manage. This is important to understanding your plan for long-term health after you leave Miracles Asia.

Therapy for Growth

Individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other forms of therapy will help you uncover the mechanisms behind your depression.

Trauma is often an underlying reason behind long-term depression and it is important to address it in a safe environment. Treatments such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can be vital to helping clients uncover long-submersed memories that may be contributing to depressive symptoms.

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