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Help For Anxiety Disorders

Miracles Asia is a luxury rehab situated on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. We treat a range of mental health disorders and addictions with a focus on the underlying issues.

The underlying issues of addiction or compulsive behaviors often involve anxiety symptoms that, untreated, manifest into other mental disorders such as depression or personality disorders.

Left on their own, anxiety symptoms can continually pull you into the cycle of addiction and self-destructive behavior. The misery this cycle produces can be truly debilitating if professional help is not sought out.

Many of our clients, and staff in their former lives, have turned to drugs, alcohol, gambling, the internet, porn, shopping, and other forms of escape to try to relieve or outrun anxiety. These approaches only address it temporarily however and often lead to more misery and problems.

It is important to recognize that your anxiety comes from a place that can be treated, in a lot of cases without medication. Our clinical and medical staffers work in tandem with our holistic staffers to deliver a multi-pronged and long-lasting approach to anxiety and other mental health disorders.

Miracles Asia was Built to Soothe Anxiety Symptoms

Welcome to a space that was designed and nourished with processes that immediately help to calm the mind. It is okay to let go here and be yourself.

It is important to be in a place of peace to treat anxiety disorders. At Miracles Asia, we have a place of peace you can immerse yourself in and begin to unfold.

Located in a quiet part of Phuket, the facility is surrounded by lush jungle that spills into the facility. Trees, flowers, birds, and spirituality are all parts of the experience here.

Our staff have been treating anxiety disorders within this relaxed setting for several years. The setting and staff help each client to be more fully themselves, free of fear and judgment.

Your outside worries will become secondary as you focus on yourself and your peace of mind. Then, from a place of peace, you will finally be able to address and handle the issues creating chaos in your life right now.

Nature walks, island trips, beach visits, and nourishing food from one of Phuket's top chefs all help in the healing process. Whether it be social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder - they will all have a chance to unravel in our facility. Your personalized treatment plan will be put to work and will give you the tools you need to manage the symptoms of your mental health problems after you leave the facility.
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Wellness and Mental Health

Wellness and mental health are cornerstones of our anxiety treatment. Whether it be substance abuse, process addictions, compulsive behavior, or just overall anxiety; developing habits of wellness and self-care are crucial to helping you navigate life.

Yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy will all contribute to helping you develop a peaceful state of mind when you are at Miracles Asia. These practices will also engrain in you habits of wellness that you will be able to carry back into your everyday life.

Love and thoughtfulness from the staff, without major restrictions on phone or computer use, give our clients a sense of ease. The panic attacks and other physical symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder quickly fade.

Mental health treatment and wellness activities help the mind recover so clients can address the deeper issues that might be pulling them into panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder.

Therapy to Free Yourself

Often underlying generalized anxiety disorder are complex traumas or posttraumatic stress disorder. It is imperative, under comfortable conditions, to treat these anxiety disorders by addressing long-ignored traumas many of us have accumulated throughout life.

Complex trauma doesn't have to be physical or sexual abuse. Those events, unaddressed, can certainly cause posttraumatic stress disorder or another form of generalized anxiety disorder, but they are not the only experiences that can lead to complex trauma.

Neglect, a lack of nurture, or separation from a loved one can all be forms of complex trauma that manifest into mental health disorders over time. Most people with anxiety disorders have some form of untreated complex trauma. Unraveling that trauma in a safe and deeply supportive environment is, for many people, the only way to address it.

There are several layers to the therapy, and the type of treatment plan that works for you will be figured out before and during your stay.

Nothing twisted can survive when the light is shined onto it. The acknowledgment of what may seem twisted to you, and the recognition of its effects on your daily life, will help you to enter a new phase of your life unchained by past events.

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Entering Miracles Asia

Before you commit to coming here, we will take you through a free consultation to discuss your situation and whether Miracles Asia is the right fit for you.

Once you arrive, you will be situated in a villa with every amenity you would expect from a 5-star resort. Space is given to the clients so they can get comfortable in their new environment.

You will have assessments with the clinical director and other staff, checkups with the medical staff, and, once you're situated, have tests done at the hospital. It is important to cover all bases to form the best treatment plan for you.

You will meet other clients, who come from all walks of life and all over the world. It is often fun to meet the other clients and learn about what they entered the facility to accomplish.

There is no obligation to share your story with the group, though it often helps to be able to talk about it out loud. And often laugh. We all come from chaotic situations and have past head-spinning stories. It is fun, once we feel comfortable, to shine some light on those stories and have a good laugh.

The treatment of generalized anxiety disorder or substance abuse issues has a large element of fun to it. This isn't jail. It is the opposite and intended to free you now and in the future from the mental health disorders holding you back.

Spending time at Miracles Asia will help you see the best direction for your life, and give you the keys to unlock that direction. Sometimes we just need a breath, but it can be nearly impossible in our current circumstances to take that breath long enough to see clearly. Miracles Asia will give you your breathing and clarity back, so it's ultimately you who decides what path you want in life.
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