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2 Things That Will Help With Addiction Awareness

Mark Heather
July 21, 2022

Step 1 - Acknowledge

The first step is awareness of the manifestations (ie symptoms) of the disease in you.

Here are some manifestations that may indicate that you are suffering from the disease of addiction today:

  • You are using or thinking about using today
  • You are obsessing about someone or something today
  • You have given untrue reasons for your behavior
  • You have blamed someone or something for your behavior today
  • You are looking for an easier way than what is being offered
  • You are afraid for no good reason today
  • You are avoiding something you should do today
  • You feel restless, irritable or discontent today
  • You have behaved selfishly, dishonestly, fearfully or resentfully today
  • You have been over-sensitive, taking things too personally today.

Step 2 - Understanding

The next step is understanding how to treat the disease on a daily basis.

Here is a checklist of some of the indications that you are treating your illness today:

  • You are clean and/or sober today
  • You have talked to someone about your recovery today
  • You have been kind today
  • You have bathed, eaten, rested, and taken care of basic needs
  • You have read recovery literature or watched/listened to recovery media
  • You have been Honest, Open-minded and Willing today (known as the HOW of the program)
  • You are feeling content and peaceful today.

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Article written by Mark Heather
Mark is the founder and Managing Director of Miracles Asia. He has been in recovery for 25 years and Mark is passionate about supporting his clients and manages Miracles on a day-to-day basis. Mark always remains available to current and past clients while actively takes part in 12-step group sessions.
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