Let the Super Power of Sadhana Rocket Your Recovery into the Fifth Dimension!

Most of us have heard successful leaders like Steve Jobs, Tony Robins and Oprah share that they have a morning ritual that has helped in no small part to get them where they are.

Science has shown us that before we wake, and as we wake up, we are in a state of Theta brainwaves, the mind-state of meditation. In spiritual practices we learn that the first 10 minutes of the day are when we are in a state of consciousness closest to the divine. At this time, we are furthest from our unconscious programming and dysfunctional patterns. What we choose to do in this time will impact how the rest of our day goes.

In recovery we learn about the importance of the ‘bookends’- beginning and end moments – of our day, and that if we take care of these, the rest of the day will take care of itself.

While we may know what is good for us to do, it doesn’t always mean that we will do it. In our current reality we can be woken up all too soon by the ringing or vibrating of an alarm that we repeatedly snooze and yet still manage to feel as bleary-eyed and tired as we did when it first went off. We tumble out of bed proclaiming “No more Netflix binges ’till 2am again!” and drag ourselves to the bathroom. Some of us are not fully awake until we can get to the kitchen and get some caffeine into our systems.

There is a sense of knowing that if only we weren’t up late scrolling on our phone, or working on our laptops; if only we ate dinner earlier and hadn’t had that 4pm coffee; and that if only bed time was around 10pm rather than gone midnight, then we could be waking up with the sun, bright eyed, bushy tailed and eager to get to our committed morning practice.

We sense that in turn we too would have the ease of success and abundance that people like Oprah, Steve and Tony seemed to have. We would embody balance and ease amidst the morning domestic mayhem or the chaos of the commute. We would traverse our workday in a state of patience and contentment despite the rugs that got pulled from under us or the storms that raged around us. We would be the eye of the storm. Calm. Quiet. Measured. Responsive.

Well, it all starts with just 10 minutes in the morning.

‘Sadhana’, or daily spiritual practice, is a time for conscious contact with Self.

This is the foundation for a life of growth and freedom in Recovery, where we get to build a life beyond what we ever thought possible and learn how to show up as the best version of ourselves one day at a time.

We start our day by stopping.

We connect to that part of us that is beyond our limiting beliefs and thoughts, that part of us that helps us to go about our day no longer needing to fight anyone or anything.

As we sit, we cultivate that part of us that watches our intentions become stronger than our past dysfunctional patterns. We nurture our dysregulated nervous systems and allow for our body and mind to heal and re-pattern.

We carry this connection with us out into our day and we observe ourselves respond in a more measured way, rather than the old reactive ways.

We are guided to bring our attention to the next right thing, and then the next right thing, and so on.

The life of recovery is about discovering who we really are and waking up to our full potential.

As we give ourselves the gift of turning down the volume of the life noises all around and within us, and tuning into the internal frequency of connection, the frequency of gratitude, of integrity, of honesty, humility, kindness – all of the principles underlying Recovery Programs (i.e. the 12 Step Program, Refuge Recovery etc) – then we start to have a life run less on sheer will power and we transform to a life guided more by intuition, by an inner knowing, a more intune and peaceful intelligence.

We move out of a life that is happening to us and into a life that is happening for us. And then onto a life that is happening through us.

It is with a greater sense of ease that we make  choices for ours and others’ higher good. We make the choice to get a good night’s sleep, to not let work dominate ‘till bedtime, to eat well and at the appropriate times, etc., etc.

The old cravings for sugar and comfort food, for instance, seem to fall away and we enjoy now wanting to make the decisions that we used to have to make. Life starts to flow more easily. Life is so much better as it is more full, rich and meaningful.

As a dear teacher of mine wrote “What used to be the hunch or the occasional inspiration gradually becomes a working part of the mind. Our thinking will, as time passes, be more and more on the plane of inspiration.” (Bill Wilson). What a blessing this life in recovery can become!

So where do we start?

One day at a time. Choose a practice that is realistic, sustainable and most of all one that you are going to want to get back to each and every morning. Consistency is the key. Daily is where the magic happens.

You may sit and read the Big Book or any spiritual teachings for five minutes and then focus on your breath, or find a guided meditation to follow.

You may take the dog for a mindful walk and then sit and brain dump all the things you are grateful for.

You may stretch the body as you sit up in bed and then meditate or do some deep belly breathing.

Or you may work your way through the steps with a sponsor, where you will add in the 3rd Step Prayer or the 7th Step prayer or whatever prayer or meditation you prefer.

In time you learn to feel what the mind, body and soul need and you adapt to that. The key is to just start.

Written by Kirstin G

Kirstin is a Wellness Consultant for Miracles Asia and a Program Facilitator for Miracles at Home. She is an R20 Recovery Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

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