The Bomb is the First One

“The bomb is in the first one” is a common statement in recovery communities. If
you are an addict, or even a problem user, once you have one, you are unable to stop.

Staying away from the first drug

Have you told yourself: “Never again!”? And then do you think: “Yes, but that’s what
happened because of the last drug – not the first one. That first one never hurt me”?
This is the common pattern of thinking that addicts/alcoholics demonstrate.
It is best to avoid the first one, one day at a time, to avoid relapsing. If you are an
addict, you will never be able to have “just one” without slipping back into addiction,
either immediately or in a little while. That’s why we say: “The bomb is in the first
one.” If you don’t have the first one, you don’t set off the ticking bomb.
If you allow yourself to remain in denial about your disease, you will not be able to
stay away from the first one in the future. You must start to understand your
powerlessness over that first one.

You can heal

For you to heal from addiction, its physical, mental and spiritual damage must be
addressed. Assisting you to develop thoughts and behaviors that support recovery is
a main goal of [email protected] Here, you will learn to recognize harmful
rationalizations you once used to support your addiction. This will help you avoid
relapse triggers and develop a healthier mindset.

We will help you to have the healthy life and future that was impossible during your
addiction. When you admit and accept that the bomb is in the first drug, you are at
the point where you are willing to change. Once you understand that this is a brain
disorder, you can start to heal.

Admitting powerlessness over your drug and the unmanageability it causes, and
accepting that you need to learn and change, is the first step. Hopefully, over time,
you will begin to believe that the bomb is in the first one, and stay away from that first
one, a day at a time, in the future.


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