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The Grip of Sex Addiction

The feeling of missing a birthday or holiday or work assignment because you were having amazing sex is confusing and often-times soul-crushing. Needing to "get off" to sleep or be relaxed, or simply to have a feel-good experience has probably grown into a need or compulsive behavior that is now interfering in your responsibilities or happy life events.

The happiness and joy of being with family or going for a walk in nature has been dimmed down and overtaken by a craving for excitement and rollercoaster behavior, often in the form of all-consuming sex. Being "madly in love" or having a "habit" of watching porn daily often accompany sex addiction.

Like any addiction, sex addiction begins as a pleasurable activity, but over time has turned into a necessary compulsion that cuts into your daily life. Miracles Asia understands your predicament. Everyone who has visited us has arrived at a crossroads in their life, and some are unsure about how to find a solution or way forward. The team at Miracles will walk you down the right path of the the crossroad and show you how to live free from addiction!

Why Choose A Rehab In Thailand?

You might think of Thailand, a place of massages, sun, and many beautiful people, as a strange place to go for your treatment for sex addiction. You will have a good mix of seeing the sites, massages, and nutritious foods without getting drawn into the seedy sides of Thailand.

The Miracles staff will keep you insulated from the temptations, and more importantly, show you how to use the tools of Western and Eastern therapies to break free from your sex addiction so you don't have the compulsion at all.

What is the point of treatment if the strong urges remain? Early after treatment, it will be strongly encouraged to stay clear of temptations, but eventually, the program works no matter where you are and what temptations present themselves. All of this will be taught to you in a way that you can use it in your daily life. It will become part of your bloodstream. 
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Treatment At Miracles Asia Will Set You Free

You're likely trapped in the cycle that many of us get trapped in - using sexual gratification as an escape. This could be sex with an intimate partner, sex with random strangers, excessive masturbation, or any other compulsive sexual behaviors that are having negative impacts around you.

Though many sex addicts also have other addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse, there is a difference between sex addiction and drug addiction. Drug abuse requires abstinence, one day at a time, while sex addiction can be managed so that your sexual behavior become healthy and stop causing you emotional pain.

Sex can be a positive, empowering activity, but when it becomes the object of an addiction, it doesn't feel positive anymore. If you have a sex addiction, it may be something you feel ashamed of. For the spouse or partner of an addict, it can be devastating. 

Now For The Good News!

Sexual addiction is treatable, just as other addictions are treatable. Miracles Asia has dozens of years of experience treating clients who experience dysfunction in their sex lives or have negative sexual impulses. 

Breaking free from sex addiction will immediately improve your mental health. Your physical health will often improve from treatment as well, as you will get back on a regular exercise and health schedule. Emotional intimacy will improve with any of your sexual partners, and sexual activity will once again become part of a healthy cycle that enriches your life. 

Spotting Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can be hard to recognize when you're in the middle of a cycle. Sex might be all you think about, it might have drawn you into bad situations, or you might be sacrificing the healthy parts of your life for more sex.

Like social media addiction, food or sugar addiction, and pornography addiction, sex addiction can be mixed in with healthy sexual behavior. Sometimes it is tricky in your mind to separate sex addiction from normal sexual intimacy.

It is good that you are here reading this, because it will help you recognize whether or not you are dealing with a sex addiction that could benefit from inpatient treatment. Treating sexual addictions is important because there are negative consequences of sex addiction.

It is not harmless, and oftentimes it is incredibly destructive. Similar to drug and alcohol abuse, it can sometimes be hard to recognize sex addiction as the cause of the destruction.
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The Relentlessness of Sex Addiction

If you have a sex addiction, you may be aware that it's having a negative effect on your life. Or, you could be in denial, as many addicts are, and haven't yet allowed yourself to realize the harm that sex addiction is causing.

People with sex addiction risk many problems, including problems in your relationships and family, STD's, work, and general daily responsibilities that are piling up. Sex addiction can also lead to other kinds of risky behavior, such as drug abuse or gambling addiction, as you begin to crave the rush.

With treatment, you can start to understand the roots of your sex addiction, and you will learn ways of facing shame and letting go. You will learn new and healthier ways of dealing with stress and other problems. And, you will start repairing the damage that your addiction has caused.

Allowing Help for Your Sex Addiction

We have our hand extended, you only need to grasp it. Our team at Miracles will pull you the rest of the way in the right direction. Before you know it, you will be out of the mess you've created. And have the tools to stay out. The sexual addiction treatment given to you includes lots of understanding, patience, love, laughter and hard skills that you will use the rest of your life.

The program you have will vary depending on your specific situation and symptoms. Part of the benefit of residential treatment is that it also allows you to separate from your current surroundings and take a deep breath. You will never be too far from your loved ones because you are allowed to communicate with the outside world at Miracles.

Your mental health issues can take a break and recede in a relaxed and peaceful environment. You will start realizing that you are allowed to be yourself, surrounded by people who are free of judgment. You will be free of the burden and see once again that life can be peaceful.

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to stay free of the nasty behaviors and compulsions that caged you in the first place. You will learn how to steer clear of any "relapse" into old negative behaviors. "Relapse" in sex addiction is a return to the unhealthy sex behaviors that have a negative effect on your life. 
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Therapy is Key To Your Recovery

Therapy is crucial to the recovery from a sexual addiction. It will free your from the feelings of shame of guilt that often accompany a hypersexual disorder. Learning to understand your sex addiction and any other problems you are having, is a wonderful way to get free of them.

Therapy comes in many different variations and Miracles Asia takes the best therapy from both Western and Eastern philosophies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in both group and private settings is one key. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, commonly known as CBT, will teach you to be aware of your thoughts and resulting behaviors - therefore giving you tools to manage your mind.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy helps you understand the roots of your problems and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.

Trauma Therapy

Though not everyone with sex addiction has suffered trauma, many people do have trauma in their past. Trauma therapy can be crucial to help you discover why you have trouble managing your sexual activities. Techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing help you process your trauma so that it doesn't create a "bottleneck" in your path to a happy life.

Healing Relationships

When it comes to treating sex addiction, often times it involves treating partner relationships. Sex abuse, cheating, lack of intimacy, or the drop in your responsibilities has often caused damage that needs healing.

Couples counseling or family involvement may help your recovery, but is not always necessary. Your confidentiality will be protected and it is your choice who to involve. This is about you and your health. Others involvement will depend on your permission and your specific recovery road.

You Will Recover

Your mental health and general state of mind will improve, your compulsive behaviors will recede, and your emotional distress and self loathing will fade. It happens for everyone that walks through the doors of Miracles Asia, whether it be for sex addiction, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, social media addiction, love addiction, gambling or any other behavior where repeated attempts have failed.

It will happen faster than you expect. Your life will clear up, free from the forces behind your sexual addiction. The sexual acts that you are using to escape will become unnecessary as you learn a to be at peace with yourself.

You will leave Miracles with a newfound sense of joy and hope that you might not have felt for years.
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Discovering your True Self

At Miracles Asia, your will be guided to discover who you are and were meant to be. You will develop a healthier relationship with your self and the person you are under the sex, pornography, and any potential substance use.

Finding your path sometimes requires a break from the daily grind, and time to learn about your self. This is one of the benefits of treatment centers. Clearing out the anxiety, depression, substance use, or any other compulsive need will reveal who you are as a person.

The repairing and healing of relationships, many times involving family, that have been damaged from engaging in destructive sexual behavior is also an important part of clearing the wreckage so you can focus on your self and figure out the kind of person you want to become.

Finding treatment for you, including outpatient treatment following your stay at Miracles Asia, requires digging a bit to discover who you are on the inside. 

Meeting with a Psychiatrist

You will meet with a world-renowned psychiatrist, along with other top professionals, to find out if any medication will be helpful to your recovery. You may have a dual diagnosis, which is another reason it is important to spend time at an inpatient treatment provider like Miracles. It allows time for the treatment provider staff, such as the Miracles' team, to develop a relationship with you and spot common signs or symptoms of any other disorders that could use treatment.

Sufferers of sex addiction tend to have other underlying issues that will also be addressed. Medications that may help include antidepressants and mood stabilizers. These drugs are sometimes helpful because many addicts deal with depression or anxiety. You won't have pills shoved down your throat. You will work with your team to develop the best path forward.


When you are ready to start your new journey on a healthy path, you will have strong support from our therapists and team for several months to make sure you adjust well. Not all treatment centers have a strong aftercare program, but Miracles specializes in making sure that your symptoms and issues are treated during your stay, as well as after you leave.

This is important because it allows you to practice the tools you learned with accountability and support on the "outside". Though you will get experience in the "real world" while you are at Miracles Asia, it will be for small and protected moments. The care and support after you leave Miracles Asia also keeps you connected to your peers and the staff,. with whom you build close relationships during your stay.
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Insurance Coverage

Insurance plans typically aren't required by law to cover sex addiction as a primary diagnosis. Some health insurance plans may provide coverage, but not all plans do.

If sex addiction is a symptom of an underlying psychiatric condition, insurance will likely cover sex addiction rehab centers. For instance, some people with bipolar disorder or a personality disorder symptoms sometimes engage in compulsive sexual behavior. If someone seeks treatment for bipolar disorder with co-occurring sex addiction, treatment for both conditions may be covered by insurance.

Similarly, a person needing a drug rehab in Thailand for treatment for a crystal meth addiction may need treatment for compulsive sexual behavior. This means they would need treatment for both. Mental health disorders, which almost always underlies sex addiction, are often seen as a way to have your treatment for addiction covered by your insurance provider. 

Miracles Asia can usually check your eligibility for insurance coverage within minutes. The recovery specialists there will help you maximize your insurance coverage in all cases.

Help Yourself, Step Out of the Cycle

Sex addiction can be just as distressing as any other addiction. The good news is it's treatable, and Miracles Asia's inpatient rehab program has the highest success rate in all of Thailand with more than 85% of our long-term clients living healthy and happy lives in recovery for sex addiction. 

If you're struggling with compulsive sexual behavior, there is hope! Feel free to reach out to us anytime day or night and we will guide you out of your current destructive cycles.
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