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Miracles Asia Rehabilitation, Phuket, Thailand. I’m back from my time there, and I must say, I definitely chose the right place! I was there for approx two months.

One of the best and definitely different things that sets this place apart is that every employee was an addict themselves, so they know and understand exactly where you’re coming from!

Without a doubt the best decision I ever made going there! It’s voluntary 😉

Only six rooms for a more intimate dynamic between peers, and it also gives the clinical staff more time with you during your stay.

Facilities boast a charming environment, swimming pool, smoking area, ping pong table, boxing bag, on-site chef, on-site personal trainer, maid and laundry service, and a nurse is present at all times.

Our ex military sports director will never give you more than you can handle!! (And no, excuses never work! I tried)

Miracles keeps a full and varied schedule, with so many life lessons, new information and perspectives to learn about and take advantage of!

I loved the Art Therapy, 1 on 1 psychologist sessions 3 times a week, yoga weekly, relaxing or working out at the Olympic training centre, also tri-weekly!

At Miracles, they help you understand and accept your addictions for what they truly are, and any underlying problems stopping you from living a full and happy life.

The Relapse prevention meetings, A/A, N/A and C/A meetings, CBT group topics and more give us the tools to help us live again, to realise that there IS light at the bottom of that hole we’ve all been in… Personally I thought I was a lost cause before I went there!

S. W. Hong Kong



I am blessed for having reached my rock bottom and being where I am now.

Recovery is a journey of self-discovery.

Not an easy road sometimes, but definitely a road that is worthwhile stepping into and crossing, one day at a time.

Miracles is where I took my first steps and I am very grateful for having discovered the place and gather the courage to go in. I will never forget every moment I have spent there.

In my journey I have been having the chance to meet wonderful and amazing people. Each one has helped me and is helping me every day in so many different ways.

In Miracles I have found all the love and care I needed to start my recovery.

The peace of mind I have gained, the opportunity of being here and now with all my senses, mind and heart, are just priceless.

Thank you, Miracles, for being part of my journey.

B. 45 Macau



I came to Miracles in Asia reluctant and broken.

I really didn’t know what to expect, and on my arrival everybody was so nice and put me at ease.

Great location and just loved the sports. Never seen anything like it. My room was very nice, and food was amazing but what made the difference to me was the staff and therapy. I really don’t think I would have made it without their help.

The time I spent at Miracles Asia was by far the most enjoyable and life changing event of my whole life. I found that many of the staff are in recovery themselves, they helped me with their life’s experiences and were an inspiration to me.

They saved my life. It was all extraordinary.

C. P. 38 USA

To All the lovely and wonderful friends and staff at Miracles Asia.

Our nephew was at Miracles Asia last year and we would just like to say a huge thank you for all the effort and time that you gave to him.

A year later and he is clean and sober and continuing his life that had been on hold for some time. We have noticed a considerable change in him since he came back, and we know that he will use the tools that you  gave him to good use in his future.

He has emerged more independent than I have ever seen him before, and am immensely proud of what he has achieved with the help of Mark and his team of wonderful guys.

Miracles Asia is first-class, the treatment is exceptional, and the people involved are just remarkable. I am sure he has made some lifelong friends along the way, and I know that I will always be there for him should he need it in the future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Family – Australia

We are a professional couple, who had issues around alcohol and relationships. We wished to address these issues in private outside of the normal facilities at Miracles Asia.

Miracles Asia provided us with private beautiful accommodation full service staff and brought in a specialist councillor from America just for us. Everything was as promised.

I would like to thank Mark, the clinical team and especially Chef and Tata for our very special stay, and for the change it has made to our lives.

R & W 50’s UK

I never came to this kind of place before. They were very kind and opened my eyes to where I was and helped me to wake up.

If you wish to get better and have the personal attention, then like me, Miracles was the place for this.

I recommend to anyone in similar situation.

W. W. 34  Iraq

Miracles was by far the most enjoyable and beneficial experience I’ve had in any treatment centre.

Most of the staff at Miracles Asia are in recovery themselves, their personal experiences really helped me and I found their example inspirational.

I would recommend Miracles Asia to change your life, it has mine.

C. W. 24  Australia

What I like about Miracles Asia was that everyone was in recovery themselves, their counselling really opened up my mind to addiction.

I could attend AA meetings three times per week but they were not mandatory. The whole programme is intense but relaxed.

The overall experience I would say was inspirational and the staff made me feel as a part of the family and were caring throughout my stay.

Thank you all.

M. P. 28 USA

I could only stay at Miracles Asia for 2 weeks due to work commitments back home so Miracles Asia worked with my Doctor to create an individualised programme for me to assist me with some focused work I needed.

The staff and facilities were proficient, on point and took care of all my needs.

I would highly recommend them.

M. C. Hong Kong



My experience has been a miracle.

I have just spent a month there and would have absolutely no problem saying it has been the best experience I could ever have wished for. I have been to other rehabs in Thailand none were as focused.

I received one on one therapy every week day, and I felt that Miracles has been sent just for me.

Thank you for everything.

P. R. 36 India



Thanks for a fantastic welcome and introduction to Asia’s newest treatment platform.

Miracles Asia has passed its first Ark Interventions treatment facility audit with flying colours.

Congratulations to Mark, Martin and Cara.

Miracles Asia has been awarded 5 stars by Ark Interventions Rehab Audit Team for its overall score. It is modern and luxurious in the Thai tradition its staff are well qualified and have a tremendous understanding and experience of dealing with all kinds of issues relating to substance misuse and abuse.

John McCann – CEO Ark Interventions and Ark Training