Addiction Treatment

Your Unique Five Point Treatment Program Is Built On Evidence-Based Approaches

Your treatment program begins with a 30-day residential stay, where you will live in a beautiful, luxurious villa on the island of Phuket. It is followed by a 60-day outpatient program online which supports you in your early recovery from the comfort of your own home, and from where you will continue to receive personalized treatment and be able to join the daily group sessions at the Thailand rehab via zoom.

We provide this extended level of care, free of charge after leaving the rehab centre, because research has clearly shown that the longer a person is engaged with a treatment program, the higher the chances are of the desired outcome, and our experience backs this up.

Therefore, Miracles Asia offers you the best chance of quitting alcohol or other drugs (or behaviors) and staying stopped, so that you can go on to enjoy a sober, clean life, free from addiction.

Our beautiful rehab has a luxurious family feel, where you can relax in comfort while joining an intimate community of like-minded people who all want the same thing: to live their best life, substance-free.

Our clients have the option of staying with us in Thailand for 60 or 90 days if that’s what you require or prefer. We still offer you the 60-day outpatient program online afterwards, thereby further ensuring the very best likelihood of an addiction free, fulfilling life.

Your residential program is a personalised treatment plan for you, with a daily schedule made up of one-on-one counseling, mindfulness practices, psychoeducation and peer group sessions. Also included are 12-Step meetings, a healthful diet, and a partnership with a superb 5-star exercise facility nearby –

Integrative services and therapeutic recreational activities complement our intensive clinical program to effectively address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. This unified approach to treatment allows each guest to gain the skills necessary to achieve lasting recovery.

What We Treat in our Addiction Treatment Program:


  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Process addictions (gambling, shopping, sex and love)

Mood and Anxiety

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Disorders

Specialising in:

  • Co-occurring disorders and Dual Diagnoses
  • Residential mental health for trauma and PTSD

Our private, luxury facility is staffed with an experienced hospitality team, and with qualified medical and therapeutic teams who have extensive experience in providing a world-class residential addiction treatment experience.

For High Profile Clients

For high-profile guests, or for those who wish for an extra level of privacy, Miracles Asia provides a most discreet and exclusive villa nearby to our addictions rehab center which allows those clients to attend group and individual sessions there if they wish but retire to their own private villa between times.

For these clients we equally focus on custom and specialised recovery while delivering positive outcomes through quality, one-to-one attention and compassionate care.

The private luxury villa is staffed with:

  • Private chef and team
  • Private maids and team
  • Private driver and appropriate vehicle
  • Nurse
  • Sober companion
  • A clinical medical team as needed.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality Are Assured and is Our Priority.

As with our addictions treatment center, the luxury residential property in Phuket, Thailand, is purposely situated well away from the public view to ensure you the seclusion and anonymity of our program.

All our guests’ information is kept under the strictest security. Many of our clients simply ‘go on a trip to Thailand’ and then return to their lives, sober and living their best life.

Our Addiction Program

Our 90-day addiction program recognises that each client has their own unique needs and goals. Because no single therapeutic model has been proven to meet the needs of all people with addiction, we understand that by offering a selection of appropriate, evidence-based therapy modalities, each client together with their treatment team can determine the skills and approaches that most resonate with them.

This varied and dynamic approach to addiction recovery ensures that each resident can receive the level and type of treatment most supportive of achieving his or her goals – not only in the residential phase of treatment, but also after he or she has successfully completed Miracles Asia’s outpatient program.

Daily Contact with an Individual Therapist

Because we are a small, bespoke addiction rehab center, clients are able to have daily contact with their primary counselor. This is in stark contrast to other addiction treatment centers where residents are seen on average every 7-10 days. Intensive individual sessions occur five times per week and allow for ample time to explore inner issues, connect, and to feel safe and supported.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing as an addiction treatment modality, is non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and non-adversarial. The approach attempts to increase the client’s awareness of the potential problems caused, consequences experienced, and risks faced as a result of their addictive behaviour. In this way therapists are able to help guests plan for a better future, and become increasingly motivated to achieve sobriety and inner peace.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

A big part of work with a CBT therapist is becoming able to recognise that thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are connected and influence each other. For example, feelings are impacted by your thoughts and behaviours, and your feelings also impact your thoughts and behaviours. This idea empowers the client to change the unwanted aspect of the behavior.

12-Step Based Learning

Our twelve-step based learning modality significantly increases the likelihood of substance abusers staying abstinent. These sessions lead to connections with 12-step groups in the client’s communities after returning home, which in turn support the client to be able to stay substance-free permanently.




The realisation that addiction is a chronic and progressive disease over which one has no control, that life has become unmanageable because of drugs, that willpower alone is insufficient to overcome the problem, and that abstinence is the only alternative.



Giving oneself over to a higher power (this means something different for everyone), accepting the fellowship and support structure of others in recovery, and following the recovery activities laid out by the 12-step program.


Active involvement in 12-step meetings and related activities

This is the world’s most recognized and effective addiction treatment model which when presented correctly across different levels of treatment, has proven to be highly successful in creating and maintaining lifelong abstinence.

How Mindfulness Can Help in Addiction Rehab

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. People can develop this acute awareness through the practice of meditation as well as through other specific training models such as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention, or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

Mindfulness practice is successfully used at Miracles Asia to reduce symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, and of course in the treatment of addiction.

What You Can Expect with Our Continuing Care Addiction Treatment Program

After you leave your 30-day residential addiction treatment program, it is s important that you are able to stay connected with us, as continuing care is a vital part of your on-going recovery. Addiction rehab doesn’t stop when you leave us. Our after-care program means that you can:

  • Stay connected with Miracles and continue your rehab journey with the same team and clients from your residential experience.
  • Build solid long-term connections with your rehab community of fellow clients over at least a 90 day period.
  • Have a continuous daily online connection and check-in with your rehab center team and community for as long as you want.
  • Join our addiction rehab Thailand residential or online groups, or work at your own pace with the additional 12-week individual self-directed online program from your own home or anywhere in the world.
  • Learn about a wide variety of coping skills to manage your early recovery, including how to negotiate relationships, values clarification going forward, as well as maintaining your knowledge about how to manage relapse triggers, relapse prevention, and the other useful and practical coping strategies you learned on the residential program.

Early recovery can be a stressful time. While you’re in treatment, you don’t have to think about life after rehab. You’re cocooned in the safety of the addiction treatment center where your every need is catered for. So, returning back to life at home can seem daunting.

We know how it is, which is why Miracles Asia takes your continuing care after addiction rehab very seriously and doesn’t just stop after you leave.

If you spend one month in Miracles residential care, you’ll get to stay connected through our after-care online program for two further months, free of charge – and longer if necessary.

The continuing care program will keep you in regular contact with your addiction rehab counselor who will see you for weekly one-to-one sessions by zoom. These sessions are so we can check in to make sure you’re still on-track in your recovery and if you’re experiencing any issues that we can problem-solve together. Relapse prevention is a learning curve and we will support you, making sure the best care continues.

If you have questions about what to do, or how to go about life in general, our case-managers will stay in touch to help you manage your early few months in recovery.

We know that the longer the recovering person stays connected to an addiction treatment program, the better the outcome ie. the longer he or she works alongside professional counselors, therapists, recovery coaches etc, the better the chance of long-term recovery and abstinence.

Therefore, we are willing to work with you and your own unique needs so that you can experience our 90-day program as a mix of 30 days residential addiction rehab in Thailand followed by our ‘free’ 60-day outpatient online rehab program, depending on your desired approach to your individual rehabilitation.

We are so convinced that our program works that if you spend three months with us at our residential rehab in Thailand and then suffer the pain of relapse within one year of leaving Miracles Asia, we will treat you here again for a month for free. That’s how much faith we have in our treatment program at Miracles Asia. We know how important your recovery is and we will do our utmost to make sure that you get what you deserve – a good life, full of happiness and freedom from addiction.