Models of the Cycle of Addiction

There are many models of The Cycle of Addiction. Just look it up on google and you will see.  We have listed the general process of the Cycle of Addiction below.

  1. Active addiction/dependence – the pattern of using your drug (could be alcohol, prescription of illicit drugs, food, gambling, online gaming, porn, sex, relationships etc. etc.)
  2. Guilt and remorse – you feel guilty or remorseful about using your drug, or the behaviours you demonstrate while using your drug
  3. Abstinence – you stop using your drug for a while because you are physically unable to continue, or you feel too guilty, remorseful to continue.
  4. Re-thinking – you start to feel better, and start to think you may have overreacted about your drug use and its consequences. You change your mind about how bad it was. You engage in fantasizing about how good the drugs were.
  5. Relapse – you start using again
  6. Active addiction – you are back where you started eventually.

For your own information, and to identify your Cycle so you can raise your awareness, answer the following questions to the best of your ability…

List your examples and timelines for each stage of the cycle.

  1. Active addiction. Identify your behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and duration of your active addiction phase.
  2. Guilt and remorse. Behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and duration of this phase.
  3. Abstinence. Behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and duration of this phase.
  4. Re-thinking.  Behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and duration of this phase.
  5. Relapse. Behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and duration of this phase
  6. How long does it take to get back into active addiction for you?

Treatment frees you from the cycle of addiction. You can be freed from being at the mercy of unwanted emotions and compulsive desires.

If you’ve failed to stop time and time again, even though you’ve genuinely wanted to, this is not your fault – it is simply the cycle of addiction. This is how the illness operates: addicts are taken hostage.

The good news is this can stop. There are proven methods that will free you from this cycle of doom. However, if you do not seek professional help, it will continue to hold you (and your loved ones) hostage and will continue to impact your health, relationships, career, and eventually your entire life.


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