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Getting Help Your Internet Addiction

How much time do you spend online, reading websites, scanning Facebook or Instagram or TikTok, watching YouTube or even watching too much porn, and otherwise escaping into the digital online world?

Have you ever noticed an uncomfortable feeling arise, and then you immediately grab your phone to start reading or watching things that don't affect your life? It's a curious thing, when compulsive internet use takes over your small moments.

There is a reason that you are diving into social networking sites or news sites to dive into something outside your own mind. Excessive internet use can be a good blinder for the real feelings going on inside of us that we might not want to address. Most places on the internet are like the magazines and TV of old times.

Could you see yourself spending five to six hours a day reading magazines and watching TV? Imagine the things you can do with those extra hours, even if it's only resting your mind or connecting with someone in your life.

Internet Addiction is Rising

You are not alone in your internet addiction disorder. Millions, possibly billions, of people are experiencing this new addiction since the internet rose up 30 years ago. Like food or sex, internet use plays an important part in all of our lives, but there is a boundary that most of have crossed and it became an impulse control disorder.

Addiction treatment is solving this issue for people and helping them untangle the reasons that behind their problematic internet use. We are taught to believe by several elements of society that internet use is our world. That everything happens on the internet, and that the more we use the internet, the more involved we become and the more we accomplish.

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, chat rooms, porn sites, business connections, or marketplaces, the internet promises us that every one of our needs can be met online. It's a ruse. While the internet is useful to help us as humans in many parts of our lives, and provides a good extension, it is not our everything.

We are warm-blooded mammals who require connection and intimacy and other experiences that the internet cannot provide. Online relationships and online friends cannot replace the experience of connecting to people in-person. YouTube videos cannot fully replace conversation and books. And online gaming cannot fully replace sports or board games.

Until recently, excessive computer use and internet dependence was not considered an addiction or disorder that required treatment. The treatment options have since expanded to help those with internet addictions. Behind online addiction is usually an array of mental health conditions that drive a person to commit their lives to internet usage.

Addiction is commonly defined as behavior that is done repeatedly despite negative outcomes. Most of our clients who are addicted to the internet are using it repeatedly, in one or many ways, despite negative consequences on their live.

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What Causes Internet Overuse?

Untreated mental health issues and co occurring disorders are usually the reasons behind internet addiction. A lack of intimacy and personal relationships with other people can lead to porn addiction, which is a form of internet addiction.

A lack nurture, support, and self care can lead to compulsive internet use that can further develop into mental illness. The seeking to escape or wanting of instant gratification, just like substance abuse, leads to anxiety symptoms and mental disorders that go untreated and spiral into addictive behaviors.

Process addictions like social media, shopping, reading, or drama all tend to manifest themselves in computer addiction. It gives us a way to feed these process addictions without being aware of their effects. Drugs and alcohol are easy, because you either take drugs and alcohol or you don't. Whereas internet use is encouraged and often healthy, so it is more difficult to recognize the boundaries of internet use.

Treatment centers that specialize in internet addiction, like Miracles Asia, give you a safe space to explore your internet addiction disorder.

How We Treat Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet addiction treatment, just like drug rehab programs, aim to first give clients a break. Similar to substances, it will help you initially break from internet use and manage the withdrawal symptoms. We will guide you, using individual and group therapy, to a serene place where you can process the mental health conditions that lead you to escape into the internet.

There may also be co occurring disorders that require treatment. Our team will help you uncover the reasons behind the excessive internet use, and then develop a path for you moving forward. We believe in wellness and peace, and therefore provide a peaceful environment where you can stop worrying about the day to day and begin focusing on you.

Our clinical team from Australia, Europe, and the UK will guide you into your new home and help you manage symptoms of withdrawal from internet use. You will be among peers in support groups and typically bond with the others here, almost like a real life family. You will once again learn the joys of freedom from addiction.

Once you stabilize, we will begin to gradually help you uncover and treat the "invisible" issues that led you to seek an escape into the internet. You will be in a loving and forgiving environment, which is refreshing to many of us who have beat ourselves up for so long.

Free Yourself Once and For All

You deserve freedom from the tentacles pulling you underwater. There is no reason to live your life with those tentacles attached. We bring onto our boat, which happens to be in a lush, peaceful part of Thailand. On that boat, we will free you from the weights you are carrying around.

You might have shame, guilt, or remorse. You might simply be attached to things that are no longer healthy for you. We will help you to understand and address these attachments, so you can leave our facility with peace of mind and a new freedom to live your life.
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