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Getting Help For Your Sleeping Problems

We feel like zombies during insomnia, walking around half awake and half asleep. Everything seems half alive to us.

It can be one of the most terrible states of mind, and dangerous. It is not normal.

Lack of sleep for one night can be bad enough on its own, but repeated night after night, it can lead to debilitating consequences.

It is impossible to predict what problems will arise from insomnia.

Our work, families, physical health, and mental health all take severe hits that leaves us functioning at 20 percent of our potential.

And 20 percent as happy as we could be. It can hard to understand when we are experiencing it, and almost impossible to solve it on our own.

Why can't we just fall asleep?

Why does it have to be so hard? How do we deserve to be stuck in this purgatory between asleep and awake?

More and more otherwise successful people are taking steps to solve chronic insomnia.

And you're on the right track to getting back to healthy sleep patterns with insomnia treatment.

We at Miracles Asia specializes in treating insomnia and guiding you back to healthy sleep patterns.

It is not a pill to swallow or a book to read. It is typically a combination of things that you will need help to unravel.

Stepping into a facility that will right your life back to healthy is the best decision you can make for you and your loved ones.

Everything gets better from there.

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Insomnia is Damaging Beyond Most Understandings

A sleep disorder like chronic insomnia is damaging to so many parts of our lives, and is often overlooked when examining ones habits.

Typically we see it as a symptom of one behavior which, in theory, can be easily adjusted. We will let you know if this is the case for you when we speak. Usually sleep disorders are born out of combinations of behaviors, habits, and substances that can be hard to see on our own.

Like not being able to see the forest because we are looking closely at a tree.

Insomnia symptoms can be more detrimental to your health than drug abuse or untreated mental disorders.

It often leads to bad decision making on a daily basis. This might mean overeating, substance abuse, poor decisions at work, or simply not being present for the people in your life.

Sleep quality is taken for granted by most of the population, and chronic insomnia is viewed in society as a disorder that is easily and quickly fixed.

Sleeping pills and sleep aids are often prescribed by doctors as simple fix, while your community will often tell you to not worry about it.

Sleep medicine can help relieve the issue, but typically it is just one of many solutions to poor sleep.

The medical community tries it best, but a disorder like chronic insomnia is not fixed overnight with a prescription.

Doctors and those around you don't understand how treacherous poor sleep is to your life.

We understand it well and our staff is trained to treat insomnia. Dozens of clients have come through Miracles Asia with sleep problems and left with a practiced, balanced plan that now serves them daily.

We view sleep as nonnegotiable.

And in addition to helping you uncover the reasons behind the issue, we will help you get the foundations so you are free of this disorder and able to function again.

You will be able to return to your life with a renewed joy, free from the dragon of chronic insomnia disorder.

Your life will open up again and you will experience living, both ups and downs, with a stable mind.
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Miracles Asia Will Guide You to Health

Our team will alleviate your trouble sleeping, and not just while you are here. We will make sure you have stable sleep quality while at the facility, but more importantly, you will leave with a newfound direction.

Your sleep foundation will be intact.

Monitoring your sleep quality, checking for sleep apnea, helping you keep a sleep diary, teaching you bedtime hygiene, and getting you a good schedule will leave you feeling excited once again to face your challenges.

Medication and diet are two parts to the puzzle our top team will help you weave into your life as well.

Clients who come in with chronic insomnia are often taking too much or ineffective sleep medicine.

Miracles Asia has one of Asia's best psychiatrists who treats mental health disorders and sleep deprivation. Mental health issues, substance abuse, and bad sleep quality often accompany each other.

Our chef, who headed one of Southeast Asia's premier luxury hotel and restaurant firms, makes sure the food is nutritious and consistent for our clients as they rebuild healthy habits.

A healthy food intake schedule, while it won't be regulated like a nazi regime, will help your sleep quality. And the types of foods will make sure you have firm energy to function well throughout the day.

Insomnia works itself into a vicious cycle that includes poor eating habits. It has been proven in countless studies that lack of sleep leads to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and destructive patterns like smoking.

Per the cycle, those higher rates lead to more sleep problems. Healthy eating is one important aspect to treating a sleep disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another important part of renewing your healthy patterns.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, helps you to understand your thinking patterns, which often play a role in sleep deprivation.

Recognizing extreme forms of thinking will help your mind move away from these thought patterns, which in turn will give you the peace to fall asleep.

Individual therapy and counseling will help you uncover issues that may be ruminating deep below the surface.

Addressing these issues, which most of us have, will free you from the unconscious blocks to good sleep quality.

Combining therapy, CBT, healthy food, scheduling, and possibly medicine, in a tranquil environment, will allow for deep, effective sleep.

The torture of insomnia will end.
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Sleep Deprivation is Torture, Literally

Sleep deprivation is used in many dark dungeons around the world as one of the most "effective" forms of torture. People will do almost anything to regain their sanity from sleep deprivation.

Yet in normal, everyday society, we try to sweep it under the rug. There is a general notion that just moving forward and 'toughing it out' is the solution.

Does an open gash or broken bone go away by just "toughing it out'?

Insomnia is a real disorder, with devastating effects on you and the people around you.

If you are battling insomnia, how could you possibly be a good mother or father family member? How could you take care of others?

It restricts everything in us as humans, and furthers an atrocious cycle of mistreatment of everything around us. And of course, we mistreat ourselves when we are caught in the groundhog day of insomnia.

You're also a ticking time bomb. Worse things are on the horizon if your sleep quality is not managed properly.

Substance abuse, damaged relationships, career destruction, and countless other crisis' arrive when we are not resting well.

Our willpower drops, our healthy defense mechanisms deteriorate, and our attention to detail vanishes.

These insomnia symptoms drive us into a hole and change our worldview.

It's not normal.

Almost every healthy and successful human has a non-negotiable sleep foundation.

And you will too.
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It Will Be Okay

Miracles Asia is the perfect place to take a breath and focus on yourself.

Located in a quiet part of beautiful Phuket, Thailand, the focus is on wellness, health, and empowering behaviors.

Not only will we treat insomnia for you, we will also help you form new life habits that steer you in the direction of your dreams.

Yoga, nature walks, excursions around the island, massage, and trips to the Olympic-class fitness complex compliment the treatment programs at Miracles Asia.

You deserve to be okay. And the people around you deserve to be okay.

It starts with you.

Upon entering Miracles Asia, we will get you situated in one of our luxury rooms with full amenities.

Our staff will know your situation before you arrive, so it won't be a "blind" meet and greet. You will have talked to us several times to make sure its the right fit for you and us.

You will have confidence, even if you're a little scattered, that we will solve this issue for you. Taking action with a small step will be among the best decisions you've ever made for yourself.

Typically a mix of nervousness and excitement are normal when entering our facility. So you don't need to stress about your arrival.

Stepping off the plane with the owner waiting to help you, you will quickly enter a world of peace.

Give us the problem of insomnia and we will give you back your life.
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