Hitting Rock Bottom – Is It Really Necessary?

Your “rock bottom” is often the “window of opportunity” for a new and wonderful life. This is the phase when recovery can begin to take shape. Do an honest self-screening of how many of the following signs of recovery you have experienced so far:

  • Honest desire for help.
  • Stopping to use.
  • Thinking has begun to correct itself.
  • Meeting former addicts who are happy and normal in recovery.
  • Values return and align with your behaviors.
  • Realistic thinking.
  • New circle of stable friends.
  • Stepping towards stability.
  • Obsession lifted.
  • Self-esteem returning.
  • Regular nourishment taken.
  • Appreciation of possibilities of a new way of life.
  • Natural rest and sleep.
  • Family and friends appreciate efforts.
  • Diminishing fears of an unknown future.
  • Ability to face facts with courage.
  • Increased emotional control.
  • Financial stability.
  • More care of your personal appearance.
  • Looking after your health.
  • Desire to escape leaves you.
  • New interests develop.
  • Onset of new hope.
  • Rebirth of ideals.
  • Regained confidence of your employers.
  • Contentment in recovery.
  • Increasing tolerance of reality.
  • Enlightened and interesting way of life opens up with the road ahead to higher levels than ever before.

This is what you have to look forward to. You can revisit this list periodically and check off new experiences as you recover further.

They will all materialize over time, if you work for them.

Interacting with people who have successfully found recovery and achieved a happier life provides encouragement at this transitional and important time. This is one reason treatment and peer support are such vital resources to you in recovery.

Unfortunately, the alternative is living with an untreated chronic, progressive and fatal disease where you may end up in jail, a psychiatric or health facility, or a grave. It’s entirely up to you.


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