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Getting Help For Your Gambling Addiction

If you're still chasing that high when you first won big, but you keep losing your money, perhaps it's time to consider that you have a problem gambling and now it's time to look at gambling addiction treatment.

Recovery from gambling addiction is possible – and at Miracles Asia we know how to help. We've helped people from all corners of the world quit gambling and live lives free of this devastating compulsion. Maybe you've been caught out and others have discovered your gambling problem and you're thinking it might be time to get help.

We know how to help you break free of this behavioral addiction and we'll give you the ‘tools' to stop – and what's more, stay stopped. People with gambling addiction need  specialized treatment because it's almost impossible to stop on their own. 

Our mental health professionals can help you put an end to your gambling addictions, and get you back to living your everyday life without the emotional distress that comes with it. Many problem gamblers with severe gambling addiction have an uncontrollable urge to gamble, leading to lying to loved ones, steal things, spend their savings to the last dollar, and ignoring their family obligations.

If you or your love one is suspected to be a gambling addict, it's important to get help. You can't do this alone and it takes a great deal of help and support to stop gambling in a pathological way. Our treatment center in Thailand will help you overcome your gambling addiction and get your life back

The Link Between Gambling and Substance Abuse

Alcoholism or other drug dependence often goes hand in hand with problem gambling. Casinos sometimes give their clients free drinks to loosen inhibitions. Alcohol or other drugs are often used to celebrate a win, to soothe a person who's had a loss, or as an escape from the shame and guilt of gambling.

A gambler's brain chemistry may be the very same as that of a substance abuser, making for a tendency to substance abuse or other behavioral addictions such as sex addiction, alcoholism or other drug addiction.

Alcohol and other drugs are known to make the impact of gambling addiction worse by impairing a person's judgement, leading to risk-taking behavior and huge financial losses.

These in turn lead to damaging the gambler's health which is also impacted by excessive use of alcohol and other drugs, leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach issues, anxiety problems, depression and the risk of stroke.

The longer the gambling and substance addiction continue without gambling addiction treatment, the higher the risk of serious health problems occurring. This could also extend to mental health problems that could come as a result of prolonged abuse of the brain's reward system
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Gambling Addiction Rehab Center in Thailand

Compulsive gamblers are widely recognized as extremely risky. However, it can be successfully treated with a variety of therapies, the application of rehabilitation ‘tools', and 12 Step meetings. Miracles Asia, on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand, is a gambling addiction treatment program where people come from all over the world to receive professional treatment to recover.

When you arrive at our luxurious, private villa, you will have a comprehensive assessment and get the best treatment for your gambling addiction. You will have 24-hour supervision if necessary as you begin the process of recovery from gambling or other substance addiction. An individual treatment plan will be made just for you and because we know that everyone is different, your stay will be tailored for your special needs.

Some of the core therapies we offer include
  • Individual counseling You will work one-on-one with a therapist who will use motivational interviewing to help you find the way forward to stop gambling; we will help you identify triggers for gambling or using substances; you will learn about ‘tools' to deal with life's stressors and how to cope with them.
  • Group therapy These group sessions with a small number of your peers help problem gamblers gather a supportive group of people with similar issues around them. Self-help groups like Gamblers' Anonymous (GA) and other 12 Step programs are an important part of ongoing care and recovery from gambling addiction.
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy This helps the gambler look at his or her self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that lead to compulsive gambling. CBT is a powerful way to address faulty thinking that goes with compulsive gambling, like believing that you can win big again, despite losing thousands of dollars.
  • Family therapy For every person with addiction, about seven others are directly affected – and always negatively. The family work we do at Miracles Asia is a fundamental part of recovery for everyone when you come to gambling rehab in Thailand. Family and couples therapy helps everyone recover in a supportive home setting once you return to your normal life, gambling-free. This form of therapy also helps bond the family who are then able to re-establish trust and learn how to have good boundaries, as many may have found that gambling affects personal relationships.
Depending on room availability, you can speak with the admissions team about your preference prior to arrival. It is also very common for guests to change rooms depending on the duration of their stay.
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Inpatient Treatment Options

As the leading rehab in Thailand, we understand what you are going through and are ready to help you overcome your gambling addiction, right now. We have various treatment options and a treatment facility with mental health professional.

  • Registered and licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health
  • Highly trained and qualified western clinicians with personal experience of addiction.
  • A wide range of evidence-based treatments delivered by professionals.
  • Your own personalized treatment plan
  • 4x one-to-one sessions per week with clinicians and support team.
  • Multiple daily small group addiction treatment sessions
  • A solid relapse prevention program
  • Effective mental health and trauma treatments
  • A beautiful luxury rehab in Phuket, Thailand
  • 5- star hospitality, accommodation and meals
  • A safe and confidential environment with a friendly, family atmosphere.
  • Excursions, sports, Yoga and fitness.
  • Meditation, mindfulness and massage.
  • An Extensive aftercare support program.

At Miracles’ gambling addiction rehab in Thailand, our highly qualified western clinicians and support team are experts in helping you get your life back on track, living the life you deserve, free from addiction.

We believe that abstinence alone is not enough.

Therefore, Miracles Asia is not just a rehab, but a school of life where you acquire the tools, techniques, knowledge, and awareness to not only live a life free from gambling, but one where you can grow, flourish, and go on to create the life and relationships that will bring peace and happiness to yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re still chasing that high when you first won big, but you keep losing your money, perhaps it is time to consider gambling addiction treatment. Maybe others have discovered your gambling problem and are thinking it might be time for you to get help.

Recovery from gambling addiction is possible – and we at Miracles Asia know how. We have helped people from all corners of the world quit gambling and live lives free of this devastating compulsion.

We know how to help you break free of this addiction and we’ll give you the treatment and ‘tools’ to stop – and more than that, stay happily stopped. People with a gambling addiction need specialized treatment because it is almost impossible to stop on your own.

If you or a loved one are struggling with gambling addiction, it is important to get help. You can’t do this alone because it takes professional help and support to stop gambling and stay stopped. Our gambling addiction rehab team in Thailand will help you to overcome your gambling addiction and get yourself and your best life back.

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Keeping Your Habit In Check

The treatment program at Miracles Asia doesn’t stop after you leave Miracles’ gambling addiction rehab. If you spend one month in residential care, you can stay connected through our online after-care program for a further two months – and longer if necessary.

The aftercare support program will keep you in regular contact with your counselor who will see you for one-to-one sessions by Zoom weekly. These sessions are important so that we can check-in to make sure you are still on-track in your recovery and if you are experiencing any issues, we can problem solve them together.

Not only will you have one-to-one counseling, you can also join our ongoing group recovery sessions which will keep you connected to your peers, some of whom you may form life-long friendships with. The group sessions are kept deliberately small in number. A group therapy session lasts around 90 minutes and is led by a counselor who you will probably know from your time in residential care.

We make sure you are getting the best possible support as you ease back into your community at home. Miracles’ group therapy is a key part of your ongoing progress and will help you keep on the right track to living your best life. Our online group counseling sessions are also available at assigned times during the week to cater for you wherever you are in the world after you leave your gambling addiction treatment program.

Relapse prevention is a learning curve and our intensive after-care program, makes sure the best care continues. Your case-managers will stay in touch and help you manage your early few months in recovery, assisting you with any questions about what to do, or how to go about life in general.

Research shows that the longer the recovering person stays connected to a treatment program, the better the outcome i.e. the longer you work alongside professional counselors, therapists, and recovery coaches, the better the chance of your long-term recovery from gambling addiction. We take your treatment plan very seriously and want the best for you, so for this reason we know how important it is to stay in touch, giving you the best chance at living your life, free from gambling.

We are so convinced that our program works that if you spend three months with us and then suffer the pain of relapse within one year of leaving Miracles Asia, we will treat you again for a month for free. That’s how much faith we have in our gambling addiction treatment program at Miracles Asia. We know how important your recovery is and we will do our best to make sure that you get what you deserve – a good life, full of happiness and freedom from addiction.

Living an addiction-free life is absolutely possible and we at Miracles Asia are proof of that ourselves. We know what it’s like to have a problem and to recover. Get in touch with our addiction expert today and leave your worries behind. Get your life back and become the Miracle that is the true you.
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