Phuket is rightly called the first destination of South-East Asia. This vibrant island offers so much for everyone - serenity, natural and cultural attractions, and many other activities and sensations.

At Miracles Asia we understand the need to balance the intensity of your recovery program work with relaxing and enriching, safe and fun excursion experiences.

Phuket and its surrounding areas offer some of the best natural and cultural experiences in Thailand. While these excursions are great recreational and therapeutic group experiences they also provide an understanding and appreciation of amazing Thai culture and the stunning natural beauty of Phuket.

Whether it is snorkeling in the clear blue waters of the Andaman sea, exploring ancient Buddhist temples, trekking in unspoiled jungles, or sunning on the beach; you can enjoy and relax with new relationships made and learn that recovery can be a lot of fun. We are dedicated to providing you with safe, secure, enjoyable and memorable experiences during your stay with Miracles Asia in Phuket, Thailand.


Phuket is known for its outstanding beaches, probably more than anything else. With over 30 of them around the island, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Even some 12-Step meetings you will attend while at Miracles are held right next to beautiful Bang Tao beach.

Phuket beaches have beautiful soft sand, nodding palm trees, clean waters with a soft seabed, good surfing in the low season and snorkeling in the high season, and a fantastic laid-back atmosphere. You will see the colourful and iconic long-tail boats moored at the beaches as you enjoy delicious seafood and authentic local cuisine.


Snorkeling is one of the best, most relaxed ways to enjoy the island of Phuket - we have full-day combined diving/snorkeling trips to some of the most beautiful beaches and coves available. We go by big boat, so no bouncing around and you can walk around and chat with all on board. The areas we visit are sheltered and protected from boat traffic. A bountiful buffet lunch is included, as well as lots of tasty and healthy snacks.

The pace of the day is relaxed and easy going, simply enjoying the stunning natural beauty of Phuket. There is usually great visibility and lots of vibrant and varied marine life. We often see barracuda, trigger fish, octopus, cuttlefish, batfish and sometimes even a turtle. A beautiful day of fresh sea air and great food.


Koh Yao Noi

Koh Yao Noi (and neighboring Koh Yao Yai) is a relaxed, eco-minded island with far less tourism than Phuket. It has maintained a peaceful elegance. After arriving by speedboat, we will enjoy a bicycle ride around this unspoiled island with its extensive mangrove forests and abundant natural beauty. A car will also be available for anyone who doesn’t wish to bicycle.

With beautiful sandy beaches, charming fishing villages that characterise the little island and a lunch of delicious, local authentic Thai food, it is a truly memorable excursion.

Koh Lak

Driving from Miracles to Koh Lak is a lovely scenic drive through rural Thailand. Koh Lak comprises a 20 km stretch of impressive beaches along the Andaman Sea coastline set against a stunning backdrop of jungle-covered, limestone mountains.

We visit the Tsunami Memorial and go on an elephant ride through the stunning tropical nature of this area. We also support the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre with a visit and eat a delicious lunch before we embark on a gentle river rafting adventure.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay features over 40 islands in the form of tall limestone cliffs pierced by caves and tunnels, towering out of the emerald waters of the bay. Phang Nga Bay offers the opportunity to discover a stunning natural environment which is more than 10,000 years old.

We cruise the bay with stops at the main landmarks, including a lunch of deliciously fresh seafood at Koh Panyee, a fishing village built on stilts at the end of the 18th century by nomadic Malay fishermen. We also see another famous landmark, which is James Bond Island. It became famous for being featured in the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee.

You will also get a really up-close and personal exploration of the bay by sea kayak, entering the many caves dug through the limestone cliffs by the sea, as well as reaching hidden lagoons inside the islands. They are the climax of a visit to the bay: going through a pitch-dark tunnel then coming out in a lagoon surrounded by 100m-tall limestone cliffs covered with tropical plants is really a remarkable experience.

Jungle Walks & Hikes

With tropical rainforests and beautiful waterfalls nearby we can offer you stunning nature hikes right in the heart of Phuket. The giant palms, creeper vines and huge trees make you feel like an adventurer discovering a lost world.

We also walk the Mangrove Forest Nature Trail, a relaxing and easy loop trail located very close by and that features many wild flowers. We show you the scenic, natural beauty of Phuket that many tourists never get to see.

Big Buddha

The Phuket Big Buddha is a 45-metre-tall white marble statue visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. The Phuket Buddha is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. Its lofty site offers the best panoramic views of Phuket.

Here you can experience Budhist culture by visiting the temple and getting blessings from the monks. You will hear dharma music and chiming bells that all add to the spiritual ambiance of the site.

Ziplining Canopy Experience

Based deep inside the rainforest of Phuket and giving you a bird’s eye view of the jungle’s canopy you can enjoy a safe, fun and fast eco-adventure when we go ziplining. Experience the thrill of soaring among the ancient trees, lush tropical wildlife and breathtaking scenery as you fly along on the 2,000 metre cable length suspended up to 50 metres above the forest floor.

Thai Cooking

Enjoy a hands-on experience learning how to prepare some classic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, papaya salad and green curry, or whatever your favorite Thai dish is, with our local chef. You can even join our chef to visit the local market to buy all the ingredients.