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Symptoms of Stimulant Withdrawal

You Can Conquer withdrawals & reclaim your life
Withdrawal can be a rocky road, but with the right support and treatment for drug addiction, a successful recovery is possible. As Thailand's leading rehab, Miracles Asia is ready to help you get the best possible start to a healthy lifestyle.
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Lots of people use some form of the stimulant drug on a daily basis in the form of caffeine through drinking tea and coffee or even eating chocolate. Suddenly stopping this kind of consumption is unlikely to lead to many intense cravings, or withdrawal symptoms beyond a headache.

The same cannot be said when it comes to the regular consumption of stimulant drugs like Cocaine, Methamphetamine, or prescription stimulants such as Adderall, or Ritalin. 

Abruptly stopping the use of these drugs in a 'cold turkey' fashion is likely to lead to the onset of an uncomfortable withdrawal process.

Read on to find out what can be expected when experiencing withdrawals from these drugs, as well as how you can give yourself the best chance of recovering through a stimulant addiction treatment program.

It is increasingly common for people to end up abusing stimulants such as Cocaine or Crystal Meth after developing a dependence on prescription stimulants found in ADHD medications such as Adderall or Ritalin / Concerta.

In high schools and colleges across the world, and particularly in the US, easy access to these prescription medications leads many to begin abusing stimulants in the hope of performing better academically, losing weight, or even excelling athletically.

Although prescription drugs come with an air of authenticity and a supposed relative lack of harm, abusing them can lead to severe addiction and a range of mental and physical health consequences in the same way illegal stimulants can.
Key Takeaways
Stimulant withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on factors like duration of use, level of usage, and the specific drug.
Common symptoms include cravings, feeling down or anxious, as well as  trouble getting a good nights sleep.
Treatment for stimulant addiction at Miracles Asia includes a combination of medication, psychological therapies, and peer support groups.

Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

What you experience while going through stimulant withdrawal will depend on a number of factors including:
Duration of use
Level of usage & tolerance
Which stimulant drug you are experiencing withdrawals from
The environment you are in
Your support network, including family members and friends
Depending on these factors, withdrawal from stimulant use can be more or less severe, making the associated psychological effects more or less risky. 

It's important to take stock of your stimulant usage in cooperation with a professional if possible, to make sure you can be adequately supported through the withdrawal period.

Typical Withdrawal Symptoms of Stimulants

While they can vary greatly from person to person based on the drug being used and the factors above, common symptoms of stimulant withdrawal can include:
Drug cravings
Depressive symptoms
Low energy or fatigue
Increased anxiety
Mood swings
Trouble sleeping/poor sleep
Dysphoric mood
Weight loss
Focus/concentration problems
Suicidal ideation

Stimulant Withdrawal Timeline - Stages

The stages of stimulant withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the particular drug and an individual's history of use. 

Typically, however, the acute withdrawal timeline will tend to begin between a few hours and 24 hours after stopping use. 

The most severe withdrawal symptoms will be experienced by those who have the most severe addiction, but the general withdrawal timeline can be understood as follows.

Early Stage (Days 1-3)

Intense drug cravings
Body aches

Middle Stage (Days 4-10)

Depressive symptoms
Continuing mental and physical exhaustion

Late Stage (Days 11+)

Mood Swings
Focus and concentration problems
Persisting sleep problems

It's Time to Take Care Of Yourself

Apart from the acute detox symptoms in the withdrawal timeline above, those who have developed a serious substance use disorder involving stimulants will tend to experience what are known as Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms.

This can involve persistent emotional and psychological symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, sleep problems, memory deficits, mood swings, depression, anxiety, and more.

This period can last anywhere from 6 months to up to 2 years, but symptoms will generally lessen as time goes on. 

It's important to go through this period (and hopefully the rest of your life) without engaging in the use of mind-altering substances, as it can set you back and lead you back down the road of relapse and addiction.

As the brain recalibrates to reality without stimulants, most symptoms will generally become milder, and the ex-user will start to begin feeling mental clarity where it did not exist before. Although this process can be difficult, it's extremely important to be patient and trust the process. A good support network that involves friends, family, and support groups is indispensable at this stage.

Stimulant Withdrawal Treatment

Treatment for stimulant addiction is about more than just detox and withdrawal. 

Although it is important to seek professional care while experiencing withdrawal symptoms, a range of additional psychological therapies are common to assist those who abuse stimulants in making a lasting recovery. This includes:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Treatment for underlying Trauma
Individual talking therapies
Group therapy
Support groups
When choosing the perfect rehab for you or your loved one, you should look for one that will tailor their treatment programs to the individual specifically, using a combination of medication, psychological therapies, and peer support groups.

Can Medication Help with Withdrawal Symptoms?

A number of different medications can be used in the process of medical detox from stimulants to make the process more manageable and leave you more able to tackle underlying mental health issues. 

This can make getting to the root cause of your addiction an easier, and quicker process.

The trained professionals at addiction treatment centers, including our own at Miracles Asia, will work with you to decide which medications may be appropriate for you depending on your specific history of stimulant use.

Why Professional Medical Detox Is Important

Stimulant withdrawal can be an extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous process. The psychological symptoms associated with detoxing from stimulants after severe drug abuse can include severe clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, and the development of other types of mental illness.

Although the stimulant withdrawal process does not come with the same physical dangers as a detox from alcohol or benzodiazepines, it can still be life-threatening due to the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

A supervised medical detox from stimulants greatly reduces the risks to your mental and physical health while going through the withdrawal period. Addiction treatment centers are equipped with the professional help that is needed to safely guide users through this difficult time.

Why Professional Medical Detox Is Important

Stimulant withdrawal symptoms can mean a decrease in cognitive function, persistent mental and physical exhaustion, and more severe symptoms that can be life-threatening, such as suicidal thoughts and severe depression.

In addition, it is common for addictions of all types to be covering up underlying mental disorders, which makes it important to discontinue use in a safe setting, surrounded by medical professionals who can help you to deal with the physical and emotional burden of stimulant detox. 

At addiction treatment centers, treating mental health disorders alongside addictions is crucial to developing the new mindset that will be necessary to stay clean, and build a new life free from substance abuse.

At Miracles Asia, our team of highly qualified staff is experienced in helping those with stimulant use disorders go through addiction treatment. Although substance abuse problems can seem impossible to overcome, with the right help, we know it is achievable.

Our residential rehab has helped countless users to go through stimulant detox in a safe and controlled way, and proper engagement with the rehabilitation and aftercare program leads to lasting sobriety for most. Entering into addiction treatment can be intimidating, so we encourage those interested in it to contact us directly and discuss their concerns.
The bespoke approach we take to addiction treatment will see us working with you to create a personalized recovery program that caters to your specific needs and gives you the best possible chance of a full recovery. 

Our dedication to the long-term sobriety of those who enter our care also extends to offering a month of free treatment to those who may happen to experience relapse within a year of leaving an inpatient Miracles Asia treatment program. Generally speaking, this is very uncommon, as our success rate for long term clients who are still in active recovery is above 85%, which puts us among the best rehab programs available anywhere.

Whether you are struggling with addiction to Cocaine, Meth, prescription medications, or other stimulant drugs, we believe there is no better place to seek substance abuse treatment than our rehab facility on the tranquil island of Phuket in Thailand. 

If you are interested in receiving professional help to go through stimulant detox and recover from stimulant abuse, get in touch with us today.

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