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Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

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Finding A Rehab That's Right For You

If you or someone you care about has a problem with addiction and wants to get well, maybe you’ve wondered if a rehabilitation center is the answer. Rehab is a treatment facility for people who have an addiction involving alcohol and/or other drugs and/or compulsive behaviors. Some people choose to go to an outpatient center for care while others choose an addiction treatment center for residential care in which you stay in the rehab for the period of your treatment.

If you are looking at how to choose an addiction treatment center or rehab in Thailand, consider Miracles Asia and our comprehensive three-month residential and outpatient program. At Miracles Asia’s rehab in Thailand, our residential treatment program boasts a 98% completion rate. Clients from all over the world have sought treatment for addiction in our luxury rehab in Thailand.

When choosing an addiction treatment center it’s important to understand that the long-term nature of addiction makes it a major health and social concern that needs to be addressed from a therapeutic perspective and taken seriously. It’s essential to ensure the addict receives the most appropriate care. We at Miracles Asia believe we can provide the best therapeutic care for those suffering from addiction to alcohol, drugs and compulsive behaviors.

By choosing to come to us you start your recovery in a beautiful, tranquil environment, where you will receive a unique combination of highly personalized treatment for your addiction, great quality care and amazing hospitality in 5 star hotel styles rooms and facilities. 

We know that you want to make the best choice for you or your loved one and we want to help you in your research in making an informed decision. Every rehab has different therapeutic services, and there are ways to research reputable centers and avoid wasting your time. 
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Questions A Good Treatment Centre Will Ask

Once you know you’re talking to a representative at an addiction treatment center, it’s important that they assess your health and life circumstances. A reputable facility will establish things such as:
  • The degree of your substance use disorder or compulsive behavior.

  • Whether you have physical health problems.

  • Any mental health issues.

  • If you have any legal issues.

  • Your situation regarding your employment.

  • Your family situation – whether you have family responsibilities or relationship issues.

  • If you have any special dietary needs.

  • Your transportation needs. (Miracles Asia can come and pick you up if you need high level support)

  • Your current medication requirements.

  • If you've had an past treatments and/or detox history.
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Questions You Should Ask

Once you know you’re talking to a representative at an addiction treatment center, it’s important that they assess your health and life circumstances. A reputable facility will establish things such as:
  • How long have they been in operation?

  • What is your success rate? 

  • Do they keep in touch with past clients, and for how long?

  • How many people can receive treatment at any one time?

  • Do they have a gym or fitness facility available for use?

  • Are there activities available outside the treatment center (sightseeing, meetings, shopping, etc)?

  • Are there reputable hospitals close by in case of emergency?

  • Are there additional services such as massages, salons, etc?

  • Are they licensed and accredited to provide the treatment being offered?

  • What evidence-based treatments do they use?

  • What kind of psychotherapy is used?

  • What detox medications are used to treat specific substance-use disorders?

  • Will they provide you with a personalized treatment plan?
Don’t be afraid to let the treatment center know about your specific needs and ask how they would manage them. 

Make sure the facility can meet your particular needs and that they have experience treating people whose age and life circumstances are similar to yours. 

There is a wide range of treatment options for addiction and its important that you have a strong connection with the service providers so you trust them completely.

While you are considering these options and working out whether you need a residential rehab program, talk to your primary health-care provider such as your doctor to see if you need specialist treatment. 

It’s important that you are able to make a well-informed decision. An addiction specialist will be able to recommend a program that matches your needs, or maybe you know someone who’s been through an addiction rehab and knows what to look for.
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Make A List Of Your Treatment Goals & Key Requirements

It’s important to choose a rehab facility that will help you achieve your goals. Before you decide which rehab is right for you, you need to understand what your treatment goals are.


There’s lots to consider when choosing an addiction treatment center. Nearby facilities can be more convenient, however, going to a treatment center far away could be highly advantageous.

The distance provided can provide a complete break for the addict from their former life, especially from toxic relationships, and routines where drinking and drug use are encouraged.

Program Focus & Delivery Methods

It takes courage to admit you need to help from an alcohol or drug rehab, however you need to make sure the facility you choose is going to have the right kind of treatment for you. Even more importantly, you want to make sure they are focused on your health and recovery, not just getting you in and be another number for their monthly reports. 

Your decision should also be based on the severity of your problem as well as the underlying issues that trigger your substance use.

These underlying issues are best handled with the help of professionals. You may have difficulty with mental or physical health, occupational issues or anxiety. The following are indicators of addiction that will need to be addressed at a rehab center like Miracles Asia
  • You need to use larger doses to get a desired effect – i.e. your tolerance levels are increasing more and more.

  • If you stop using, you feel a range of different symptoms of withdrawal.

  • You keep using the substance for longer periods or more frequently.

  • You’ve tried to stop on your own, but always return to the same cycle.

  • You spend time more time thinking about how to get the substance, or recover from its effects quicker so you can keep using.

  • You miss out on important time with family or friends or miss work because of your addiction.

  • You keep using despite knowing you’ve got a problem, but you don't know how to stop.
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