Medically supervised detox

When someone enters treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is common to experience withdrawal. Withdrawal entails intense cravings or other physical symptoms and could occur for the first several days. It is important to understand that withdrawal is a natural part of the treatment and recovery process, but it is not the same for everyone. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and may be aided with a scheduled detox.

Upon arrival at Miracles, all clients will receive a comprehensive medical exam. Any hospitalisation that is needed for the detoxification process is undertaken at one of our partnering internationally-accredited private hospitals. A compassionate team of caring professionals will help clients through the possible physical and mental discomfort of withdrawal.

The exact length of detox will range depending on the individuals drug history and other health factors, but an acute detox should be complete within 7-10 days. After this initial period, the person may continue to experience some symptoms, but to a much lesser extent, and should be able to engage fully in our programme to begin to discover natural, non-chemical methods to address these symptoms.

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